February 14, 2016


will digital #media ‘networkise’ #capitalism or will capitalism com...

will digital #media ‘networkise’ #capitalism or will capitalism commodify and destroy the #internet ?

| Douglas Rushkoff: I’m thinking it may be good to be off social media altogether

#information #control #economics #society

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February 13, 2016

videogame confessional forum

archie prakash

My name is Archie. I live in Los Angeles, I'm originally a native from New England, Connecticut, but that is a whole other story to tell. Growing up on the outskirts of blue-blood New Haven, as...

by david wolinsky

February 12, 2016

Informatic school is in southwest Cameroon

11th of February Match Pass 2016

The Association of Linux Friends Limbe

linux4 linux3DSC_0186DSC_0185

linux2 linux

The Association of Linux Friends Limbe, participated in the Cameroon National Youths Day Celebration. Linux Friends has been participating in the youth week activities since 2007. This year was special because it was the 50th anniversary. Linux friends took part in the competitions and had a prize in  handball girls. The second prize of handball girls was handed by the Sub Divisional Officer of Limbe  II to Linux Friends on the 11 of February 2016 after the match pass.


Members of Linux Friends matching during 11th  February 2016

photo 4(2)

Matching with Monitors, Keyboards and Solar Panels


Prize  handed over by the Sub Divisional Officer for Limbe II to Kah Rachel Ndom a trainer of the Association of Linux Friends.


february february






During ceremonies like this, we used the opportunity to give more information to the public about  Linux Friends Limbe.

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Saturno devorando a sus hijos

Saturno devorando a sus hijos

tlapiltlapil wrote the following post 10 hours ago

Hace un mes, la policía de Veracruz desaparece a cinco estudiantes. Son "levantados" a plena luz del día, en la ciudad de Tierra Blanca.

En una fosa clandestina han sido localizados restos de los estudiantes desaparecidos. Ahí descubren los cuerpos incinerados y triturados de cientos de personas ejecutadas por sicarios y policías.

Caso Tierra Blanca: Hallan casi tres mil fragmentos de restos humanos en un rancho de Veracruz


February 10, 2016

Informatic school is in southwest Cameroon

Trainers received motivation as support from Swiss Friends

On Tuesday 09/02/2016 Trainers of the Association of Linux Friends received their monthly motivation with their contract form from the President of the Association Madam Pauli Chanceline. The President was very pleased that finally there is a positive Answer for all her hard work. The trainers on their part congratulated the President and their swiss friends for thinking of them and upgrade their standard of leaving some how.  “We are very very happy for this motivation received today 09/02/2016 exclaimed one of the trainers”  We say thanks to our Swiss Friends and wish them prosperity in what ever they do.


This is one of the Trainers receiving her motivation


Another trainer receiving hers

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On Monday the trainees of the Association of Linux Friends practice the matching practice in the  premises for the up coming Youths day celebration. Learning they say without playing makes jack a doll boy so getting the trainees involve in sporting, socio cultural activities and match pass is taking them a little bit for some fun and also participating in this activities exposes the association to the public.


Members practicing match pass

photo 3

Trainees participating in coral singing

photo 4

Also participated in quize

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February 09, 2016


Las etnias de Chiapas casi sin agua pero ahogadas en Coca-Cola

Las etnias de Chiapas casi sin agua pero ahogadas en Coca-Cola

Un documental francés, Coca-Cola, la fórmula secreta, transmitido por la televisión de Bélgica hace tres años, molestó enormemente a esa compañía refresquera, la cual incluso se quejó ante el consejo deontológico de la prensa belga. El documental relata las peripecias de una reportera francesa para conocer la receta precisa del refresco. Y entre sus descubrimientos está que uno de los ingredientes principales… es agua. En grandes cantidades. Tres litros del líquido se necesitan para elaborar uno de la bebida azucarada. Y uno de los sitios donde la multinacional obtiene esa materia prima, casi gratis y a costa del desabasto de la población local, es Chiapas.

La nota completa en: http://www.proceso.com.mx/429101/las-etnias-de-chiapas-casi-sin-agua-pero-ahogadas-en-coca-cola

#CocaCola #Coke #Documental #Agua #Azúcar #Cáncer #Chiapas #Sobrepeso

February 08, 2016


Tunapanda Song

“Like Da Vinci I’m meditating

I will leave a mark even if I die tomorrow

Antidrugs – I don’t want beer-to-beer

I’m focused in need of peer-to-peer

We’re thinking outside the canvas.” – Slavey da Illest

Kibera Woods, an intercontinental collaboration between indie musician/composer Chris Cunningham (from American band Ravenna Woods) and two of Tunapanda’s apprentice-teachers from Kibera, Nairobi, bring us a new Tunapanda Institute song, aptly titled “Tunapanda.” Judaking and Slavey da Illest lay down verses, with music and hooks produced by Cunningham. The music combines elements of Kenyan hip hop, indie rock, acoustic finger style and electro to produce a refreshingly unique, cross-cultural sound.

Check out the song on SoundCloud below and read the lyrics underneath. The song is in English and Sheng, so you can click on any line for a translation.

by Jacky Kimani

Disruption by Design

Posted on September 3, 2015 by Jay Larson
Big ups to UP Magazine for nominating Tunapanda Institute for the 2015 Disruption by Design Awards! It’s an honor to be nominated. Read more here.

by Jacky Kimani

Article Excerpt

“Lillian Masere has been in the institution for only two weeks now. She appreciates that the institution has helped her realize her dream. Her fighting spirit tells it all. “I learned about Tunapanda last year. I didn’t pass the first interview. I then visited the website and checked for the next application. The space has given me everything, including freedom, which you need as a computer technologist.” She also hopes to design clothes in future. James Murunga used to sell grocery near the centre and after making an inquiry, he enrolled and is now concentrating on web design.

When asked what disruptive design means in his context, Jay says “Helping people to gain skills and to earn income in an environment that upholds creativity and self-expression. It is also by giving people an exposure to learn different ways of teaching.”

The institution has retained a number of its graduates to teach and help their peers gain ground in whatever they are passionate about. Jackline Kimani is a beneficiary of the institute and now a teacher. She teaches web design and photography. “Apart from teachers knowing everything, you can exchange ideas. I am planning to extend the sort of learning in Tunapanda to other people.”

Jay confirms to us that the challenges however, has been the localization of the videos to suit the local context. When asked how they are coping with this, he says they are creating videos in-house and are training people to create more. “We have begun creating locally-relevant videos licensed under and open Creative Commons license, where other people will be able to modify them and translate them into several languages.” Another challenge has been finding suitable institutions where their graduates can work or intern. The institute has therefore taken it upon itself to network and connect their students within and abroad, like the Tennessee Institute of technology, Kibera school and teaching in Uganda.

3D printing is one of the areas of design that is core to the institution. An interesting design show-cased to us was a plastic hand that was created using their 3D printer. It is set to be a full functioning hand once it is put on someone who has lost their hand. If the wrist moves up the fingers open and when it moves down, the fingers close and one should be able to pick stuff with it. “Our idea is that if you create something out of a machine like this, then you can re-imagine the world in a way that you can disrupt, change and improve.”

As Tunapanda hopes to extend its approach to a broader base, Mick Larson sums it all. “It is great to see everyone with different passions find their dreams.””

by Jacky Kimani

About the Award

Over the past few months, UP Magazine has had the opportunity to interview a series of leaders in different fields that all use a design-centric approach to providing solutions to issues that we experience in Nairobi today. These designers, like the Swiss more than half a century before them, are striving to create a vernacular language of design that will disrupt accepted norms and conventions and redefine the way we interact with each other in our day to day lives.”Read more about the awards.

by Jacky Kimani

Video Learning World Championship

Congratulations to Kenyan javelin thrower Julius Yego, who just rocked the world with his 92.72m throw in Beijing to become the first African winner of the World Championships!

Yego represents the future of learning skills as he developed his technique through YouTube videos. In 2013 he said, “Everythingchanges…maybe one day many people will be learning through videos.” We hope so.

This international victory further inspires us to keep spreading skills in technology, design, and business to low-bandwidth areas using videos and other next-generation interactive digital content. Maybe one day a video learner will collect a Nobel Prize?


by Jacky Kimani

Technology Skills Map

Part of our Swag software involves mapping out paths for people to follow in acquiring various technology, design and business skills. So it was cool to look at this computer-generated map of how various technology skills connect to each other.

Everything is connected, after all – and though we may wish to become experts in one area we should also know how other areas connect.

As Leonardo da Vinci put it, “Every part is disposed to unite with the whole, that it may thereby escape from its own incompleteness.”

by Jacky Kimani

Learning (and Teaching) How to Design and Create Mobile Applications

Lilian is currently a trainer at Tunapanda as part of our apprenticeship program.  She graduated from the 3 month intensive ICT training program in May, 2015

Designing a mobile application has always been one of my fantasies.  Apps provide technological solutions for real-life problems, which is probably why so many of us are constantly glued to our phones. I’ve often thought about different apps that I could create that would be able to solve even more problems that are relevant to my life,  but I always assumed that I would need to be an expert computer programmer in order to design and create my own apps.

At Tunapanda this month, we’ve learned that this is not the case.  Using basic programming principles that are taught throughout Tunapanda’s training program, we are in the process of creating our own Android applications and hope to have each team publish a working prototype before graduation later this month.


Trainees working on their final month projects

App-design is a new component of the trainees’ final project at Tunapanda.  In the last month of the program, trainees work in teams to identify a technological solution to a problem that faces their community.  They create a prototype of the solution, as well as functional business model that could work to launch their business in the real world.  “The third month helps trainees learn new skills that help them discover new ways to solve problems in their communities with an aim of creating personal and communal wealth, ” states Allan, one of the business trainers.

Some the current projects are:

  • An app that will allow parents to make and record the payment of school fees, and monitor their children’s class attendance.
  • A database of products and prices in the many small shops in the area so that customers can find the best prices for their needs.
  • A platform for teachers to create and share lesson plans.
  • An app for travelers to book bus seats when travelling to rural areas of Kenya.

As the saying goes, “if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.” The final project for Tunapanda trainees allows them to begin to tackle local and global problems and to start being part of the solution. App creation is a good way of doing this. “Apps are definitely the best way to provide solutions to people. I think they have more market penetration compared to other forms out there. ” said John Gitonga,  a graduate trainee from the last class and now an apprentice at Tunapanda.

Former trainees who are now apprentices

In the previous class my fellow trainees and I also came up with business ideas, but rather than creating apps, we designed websites to help solve the problem.  This time, we discovered MIT App Inventor 2, and since more and more people are gaining access to smartphones we thought it would be a great opportunity for the trainees (and us trainers!) to learn how to design and build our own apps.



Trainees coding using MIT’s App Inventor

It also turns out that you don’t have to have a Computer Science degree or years of coding experience to make a cool, functional mobile application.  “I have had a little experience with apps before but it was a lot of coding so at some point I was put off by it,” Marvin, a trainee from Tunapanda reckons. “Using The MIT App Inventor has been incredible and I am not put off anymore. I am happy doing this,” he continues to say. This is clear evidence that the skills the trainees are acquiring in app design are impacting their lives positively and hence leading them to adopt using open-source materials to acquire knowledge.

“App Inventor is a great open source tool that helps people dream bigger and implement ideas in a way that eventually enables better code and real innovation. It encourages troubleshooting, creativity, and experimentation – all of which are really important skills in today’s world, whether you’re planning on becoming a professional in an established organization or going the entrepreneurial route” says Jay Larson, Co-Founder of Tunapanda Institute.

The importance of app design is just beginning to sink into the minds of our young trainees and we are more than motivated from the feedback we have gotten so far to keep making this opportunity available to them and future trainees.

by Jacky Kimani

October Nairobi LUG

Posted on October 10, 2015 by Jay Larson
The October 2015 Nairobi LUG (Linux User Group) meetup was hosted at Tunapanda’s training facility in Kibera. Our team had a great time connecting with members of the LUG, many of whom are natural teachers – setting a great example freely sharing knowledge and discussing ideas. Thanks to everyone who showed up, looking forward to more collaborations down the line!
Read the LUG’s blog post here.

by Jacky Kimani


Panopticum : La contención #digital ha sucedido a la contención física

Panopticum : La contención #digital ha sucedido a la contención física

#sociedad #información #control #política #vigilancia #privacidad #seguridad #IOT

  • El desarrollo del #Internet de las cosas ( #Internetofthings ) y la proliferación de aparatos conectados multiplican la cantidad de chivatos de todo tipo que nos cercan

  • ¿Quién ignora a estas alturas que son examinados y filtrados los mensajes electrónicos, las consultas en la #red, los intercambios en las redes sociales?

  • Más sofisticadas que las porras y las mangueras de las fuerzas del orden, las nuevas armas de #vigilancia permiten identificar mejor a los líderes y ponerlos anticipadamente fuera de juego.

  • El navegador #Google Chrome, megachivato, envía directamente a Alphabet (empresa matriz de Google) todo lo que hace el usuario en materia de navegación

via -> Google sabe todo de tí, Ignacio Ramonet en periódico mexicano La Jornada

en: https://diasp.org/posts/5271100

February 07, 2016

Annamaria Monteverdi

Suonare la luce. Workshop di OTOLAB

Suonare la luce. Workshop di costruzione e sperimentazione del Lumanoise v.5 [Solarnoise] in collaborazione con WeMake. Milano 19 e 20 marzo 2016 Il workshop introduce gli studenti al mondo del DIY nel campo dell’elettronica di base applicata al suono e alla performance audiovisiva. La prima parte del Iaboratorio prevede l’assemblaggio del Lumanoise, versione 5 [Solarnoise], i partecipanti […]

by annamaria monteverdi

Tetro+A media art agency

Tetro+A is an arts and culture production unit that develops original artistic projects for worldwide distribution. Tetro+A is an arts and culture production unit that develops original artistic projects for worldwide distribution. A for Artists: our talented artists, drawn from exhilarating and amazing realms of artistic endeavour, come from all corners of the planet to […]

by annamaria monteverdi

Deep Web, a kinetic audiovisual installation and performance

DEEP WEB is a monumental immersive audiovisual installation created by light artist Christopher Bauder and audiovisual composer Robert Henke. Sublimating the spectacular industrial architecture of Kraftwerk Berlin, DEEP WEB plunges the audience into a ballet of iridescent kinetic light and surround sound. The work will be presented daily within CTM 2016 Festival in collaboration with Kraftwerk Berlin. […]

by annamaria monteverdi

Anri Sala: Answer me, New Museum, New York

In February 2016, the New Museum presents a major exhibition of the work of Anri Sala (b. 1974), one of the most acclaimed artists to emerge in recent decades. The exhibition marks the most comprehensive survey of his work in the United States to date. Highlighting Sala’s continuing interest in how sound and music can […]

by annamaria monteverdi

Call for artists: Digital POP

Over the last few years, we experience a culture of excess where on one hand the overabundance of information has generated a wave of passive consumption and on the other has allowed many previously unseen trends and voices to emerge. Today, Pop may be as well defined by likes, shares, tweets, views or followers showing […]

by annamaria monteverdi

February 06, 2016

Annamaria Monteverdi

Alla libreria Brac di Firenze Ferdinando Scianna apre “Scritture di luce”

Ferdinando Scianna apre la VIII Edizione di “SCRITTURE DI LUCE” Appuntamenti con gli autori e i fotografi a cura di Michelangelo Chiaramida e Sandro Bini   Al via Sabato 6 Febbraio alle ore 18 la Libreria Brac  la VIII Edizione di “Scritture di luce“. Ospite del primo incontro Il grande fotografo siciliano, membro della Agenzia […]

by annamaria monteverdi

Pipilotti Rist al Kunsthaus, Zürich.

26 February – 8 May 2016   Pipilotti Rist (b. 1962) is a pioneering figure in video art and has achieved international fame for her sensual and audacious video installations that tackle conventions and taboos in an entertaining, ironic and self-confident way. The exhibition presents key works from the beginning of her international career, including […]

by annamaria monteverdi


The Malware Museum

The Malware Museum

The Malware Museum is a collection of malware programs, usually viruses, that were distributed in the 1980s and 1990s on home computers. Once they infected a system, they would sometimes show animation or messages that you had been infected. Through the use of emulations, and additionally removing any destructive routines within the viruses, this collection allows you to experience virus infection of decades ago with safety.


#malware #museum #infosec #cyberpunk

February 05, 2016

videogame confessional forum

peter molyneux(1)

Now, before we start, I've got a question for you. Obviously, our conversation I thought about after we hung up. You said that a number of people had said you should perhaps give me a hard time,...

by david wolinsky

Annamaria Monteverdi

Life migrations, videomapping per Alghero nel quadro di IAM project

International Augmented MED – Alghero è un progetto di cooperazione internazionale guidato dal Comune di Alghero, che coinvolge 14 partner appartenenti a 7 Paesi dell’area mediterranea (Italia, Spagna, Giordania, Libano, Palestina, Tunisia, Egitto). Il Festival conclusivo del progetto europeo si è svolto proprio nella Città di Alghero e ha visto la partecipazione di medialize.it nell’allestimento […]

by annamaria monteverdi

Informatic school is in southwest Cameroon


Peter Schneider is in the Association of Linux Friends. He has brought us a new system with a server and clients who Netboot on the server. He has installed a server on the 04/01/2016 with 2 clients. So far now we have two working places and the same system has been installed in kumba and awine and ich bin kluckish


Preparation for the installation to start


This is the server already mounted


Still preparing place for the clients

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Annamaria Monteverdi

Al MACRO di Roma la mostra Egosuperegoalterego.

EGOSUPEREGOALTEREGO Volto e Corpo Contemporaneo dell’Arte a cura di Claudio Crescentini fino all’8 maggio 2016 MACRO Sale Collezione, MACRO Hall, Project room  La mostra EgosuperEgoalterEgo. Volto e Corpo Contemporaneo dell’Arte, curata da Claudio Crescentini e promossa da Roma Capitale – Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali, in collaborazione con il Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Cineteca Nazionale, […]

by annamaria monteverdi

Informatic school is in southwest Cameroon


On Wednesday the 03/02/2016, The Association of Linux Friends took part in the FINASCO GAMES, for the up coming Youths Day Celebration. They participated in the handball girls and football boys. For the handball the Association compete with the Government high school Batoke Girls and the boys compete with the Government High  School Batoke  boys. It was very interesting since the The Association took the Second position in Handball Girls


This is the Linux Handball Team before the match


This is a team of 7 who actually played


The team doing light practice before the match


The two team inside the field playing

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February 02, 2016


Your Smartphone Can Be Hacked Due To A Backdoor In Your Processor h...

Your Smartphone Can Be Hacked Due To A Backdoor In Your Processor http://fossbytes.com/your-smartphone-can-be-hacked-due-to-a-backdoor-in-your-processor/ yes, phones inherently insecure (outside main OS)

February 01, 2016


Trasformatorio & Dyne.org

Hallo Folks! Since late 2015 trasformatorio has been bridging with its good partner dyne.org and now is time to give the official announcement: trasformatorio is going to be an autonomous project of dyne.org. The artistic direction will stay Federico’s task, as he is working more on dyne projects. For those of you that did not yet know […]

by fredd

January 31, 2016

Annamaria Monteverdi

Link a installazioni interattive tra laser art e glitch art

More information: anti-utopias.com/art/norimichi-hirakawa-indivisible/ There are three construction rules Norimichi Hirakawa based his new work, The Indivisible (Prototype No. 1), each revolving around the artist’s interest in the principles and laws underlying our world. What the artist seeks to explore is whether it is possible for human beings to deal with principles and natural law underlying the […]

by annamaria monteverdi

Evgeny Morozov

Cheap cab ride? You must have missed Uber’s true cost | Evgeny Morozov

When tech giants such as Google and Uber hide their wealth from taxation, they make it harder for us to use technology to improve services

To understand why we see so few genuine alternatives to US technology giants, it’s instructive to compare the fate of a company like Uber – valued at more than $62.5bn (£44bn) – and that of Kutsuplus, an innovative Finnish startup forced to shut down late last year.

Kutsuplus’s aspiration was to be the Uber of public transport: it operated a network of minibuses that would pick up and drop passengers anywhere in Helsinki, with smartphones, algorithms and the cloud deployed to maximise efficiency, cut costs and provide a slick public service. Being a spinoff of a local university that operated on a shoestring budget, Kutsuplus did not have rich venture capitalists behind it. This, perhaps, is what contributed to its demise: the local transport authority found it too expensive, despite impressive year-on-year growth of 60%.

Continue reading...

by Evgeny Morozov

January 30, 2016

videogame confessional forum

peter molyneux

My name is Peter Molyneux. I am 56 years old, my birthday is the fifth of May. I have been in the games industry constantly from -- I think 1984. So I've, you know, come out as a youth in the games...

by david wolinsky

January 27, 2016

Informatic school is in southwest Cameroon


Today the 26/01/2016 the Association of Linux Friends is invited to witness the Opening Ceremony of the Limbe Omisport Stadium it is a real privilege to witness the First Match played between the Victoria United and the Best Star Fc. This Stadium is the first international stadium build in the South West Region, Limbe in Particular.


Entrance into the Limbe Omisport Stadium


The Association of Linux Friends took their sits ready to watch the match


Full view of the Limbe Omisport Stadium


Rehearsal for the match to begin


Singing of the National Athem by the C.B.C students


The match played between Victoria United and Best Star FC


View of the match and spectators


Marathon ran round the field

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January 22, 2016

videogame confessional forum

margaret heffernan

Okay. So, my name is Margaret Heffernan. I currently reside in the UK. I work in the US and the UK. And among the many things I've done, I've written a book called Willful Blindness, which looks...

by david wolinsky

January 19, 2016

Informatic school is in southwest Cameroon


On the 18 of  January 2016 the Association of Linux Friend Mokindi received Mr. Peter Schneider, Mm Eva and Mrs Veronica from Switzerland which was followed with an introduction of trainers to the guest. on the 19 of January 2016 the guest who visited SEMME arrive at the school campus after which they had a meeting with the trainers and trainees of the association of Linux,this meeting which started exactly at 12:20pm was followed by a welcome song by the trainees to the guest after which madam Rachel gave a brief introduction about the school and later on the guest asked some questions which were answered by one of the trainers, after the responds to the question, the guest also sang a short sweet swiss song,  which was followed by a series of photo shots that marked the end of the meeting.



The arrival of the visitors Monday 2:00pm

On Tuesday the 19th of January,the swiss friends were introduced to the trainees and trainers of the Association of Linux Friends.There was  a welcome song from the students followed by a song from the swiss friends to the association after which room was given for questions to both the trainees and the swiss friends.Later snapshots were taken with the association and the swiss friends to mark the events of this great day.


Tuesday  picture with the trainers and trainees and the Swiss visitors

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January 15, 2016

videogame confessional forum

lauren warren

I'm Lauren Warren. I'm 36 and right now I'm in Toronto, Canada. I moved here from D.C. about three years ago. And as far as how -- what happened that made me lose interest in videogames? I moved...

by david wolinsky

January 08, 2016

videogame confessional forum

steven moore

Okay, well, my name is Steven Moore. I'm 64 years old. I'm currently living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I trained as a teacher but I couldn't find a job as a teacher so I went into publishing and then...

by david wolinsky