October 22, 2016

Informatic school is in southwest Cameroon


Report of the installation of Pinet Server at MINTECLC BILINGUAL PROFESSIONAL INSTITUTE IN KUMBA


IMG_20161022_114552 IMG_20161022_114559 IMG_20161022_114559(1) IMG_20161022_114814 IMG_20161022_114814(1)
Linux Friends represented by Michel Pauli,  Kah Rachel, Lucius Bachmann, Ngainku Pauli Chanceline arrived Kumba at 7:00am on the 22-10-2016. In this institution the Server was running on  x2go,  was now change to Pinet Server.  At the beginning we installed one client, then all cables were check, all keyboard, mouse and Monitors check. And 5 Raspberry pi was replaced with Raspberry pi2 brought from the Association of Linux Friends.

Video courses was presented to Mr Neba on Scribus, user names for all clients  was given to him. 3 Pinet  clients are currently running on the Pinet Server. Two Pinet  monitors had no alimentation, so two clients are not working because of no power to the monitors.

Kah Rachel now explain how the Pinet Server works.

IMG_20161022_121842 IMG_20161022_121852

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October 21, 2016

videogame confessional forum

wendy grossman

My name is Wendy M. Grossman and I say the “M” because there is another Wendy Grossman who has worked as a journalist. I'm 61. I am a graduate of Cornell University and I'm based in London. What I...

by david wolinsky

October 15, 2016

Evgeny Morozov

Mark Zuckerberg and philanthropy: it’s not like it was in Rockefeller’s day | Evgeny Morozov

Mark Zuckerberg has ploughed funds into health and education but there’s a fine line between philanthropy and speculation

A world where billionaires were blunt and forthright, where they preferred pillaging the world to saving it, was far less confusing. The robber barons of the industrial era – from Carnegie to Ford to Rockefeller – did eventually commit some of their riches to charity but there was no mistaking one for the other. Oil and steel brought in the cash; education and arts helped to spend it.

Of course, the eponymous foundations were neither neutral nor apolitical. They pursued projects that were rarely at odds with US foreign policy and often shared many of its key ideological biases and presuppositions. From modernisation theory to democracy promotion, the civilising imperative behind them was not so hard to discern. Some of these foundations have eventually come to regret many of their dubious advocacy campaigns; the Rockefeller Foundation’s imprudent support for population control in India is just one example.

Continue reading...

by Evgeny Morozov

Informatic school is in southwest Cameroon


The event took place in Active space Boulevard de la Liberté, Douala, Littoral on the 15/10/2016. The first Presentation by Linux Friends

Linux Friends presented on the Raspberry machine A Server with PINET, DHCP sever and windows10 installed on it through visualization.  The PINET was tested with one client.

activespace1 activespace3

Webapps machine with E-learning course demonstrated, wikipedia off-line with the access point where people can access it through their mobile phones.There was also the  demonstrated of Raspberry with microscope tested with some plants and siliver.


DSC_0607 DSC_0612 DSC_0614DSC_0608

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October 14, 2016

videogame confessional forum

pippin barr

All right. So, my full name is Pippin James Barr. I don't usually use my middle name except at cafes when they ask you for your name for the coffee cup and, like, nobody understands "Pippin.” So,...

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Informatic school is in southwest Cameroon


Lucius third week in Limbe was not very interesting because of problems encountered with the chromium web browser. This browser did not support Gitlab and concrete 5 so students stated the installation but could not reached the end of the concrete 5 installation.

During the 4th week a new browser iceweasel was downloaded and installed by Lucius during the weekends so every thing was going again and each student was able to install his or her own concrete 5 CMS.  Each student was able to start his or her own project.

During the fifth week the students now created their own theme in which the use it with other examples from different web pages.  Each and every one now is able to create a web page using CMS


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October 08, 2016


#SilenteSonoro : concierto en #Oaxaca

#SilenteSonoro : concierto en #Oaxaca

Cuando : 30 de septiembre, 21 horas
Lugar : Museo de los Pintores de Oaxaca -> Independencia 607, Oaxaca Centro

Concierto No.4 del festival Music to play in the Dark, organizados por El Huacal

Manufactura en vivo y transmisión radial de fanzine radiofónico sobre artesanía sonora, fonografía, periodismo auditivo, esteganografía y otros tópicos.

#radio #sonido #audio #silencio #fonografía #paisajesonoro #ruido


October 07, 2016

videogame confessional forum

jeffrey ogbar

Okay. Name is Jeffrey Ogbar. I'm a professor of history at University of Connecticut and founding director for the Center for the Study of Popular Music. I'm 46 years old, born in Chicago, raised in...

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September 30, 2016

videogame confessional forum

gita jackson

My name is Gita Jackson. I'm 25. I live in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States, and I'm a freelance writer about videogames, sort of by accident. This has been a really weird series of events...

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September 27, 2016



Zusammenfassung des Berichts: Fences, teargas, and draconian legislation: over the last year the Hungarian authorities have baulked at little in their determination to keep refugees and migrants out of the country. The government’s programme of militarization, criminalization and isolation – that it touts as “Schengen 2.0” – has ushered in a set of measures which … Neuer Bericht von Amnesty International: STRANDED HOPE HUNGARY’S SUSTAINED ATTACK ON THE RIGHTS OF REFUGEES AND MIGRANTS weiterlesen

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September 23, 2016

videogame confessional forum

chris melissinos

My name is Chris Melissinos. I am 46 and I reside in the Washington, D.C. area. My goodness. I guess that I have always been “involved” in the games industry as it has been a been a lifelong...

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September 22, 2016




Le /tmp/lab a été invité le mercredi 21 septembre à l’émission “les nouvelles vagues” sur France Culture, dans le cadre de leur semaine sur l’action. Nous y sommes allé avec un petit camarade du Jack (Hackerspace à Montreuil).


Décerner des bullshit bingo du fond de la grotte c’est bien, mais le hackerwashing, la recuperation, ca suffit, il fallait reprendre le bâton de pèlerin et prendre la parole.

Au final, plus que d’évoquer par l’exemple des actions de chacun, nous avons pu évoquer une vision différente du hacking, loin des sempiternels clichés.

Mais ca n’a pas raté,  le premier mail que l’on a recu après l’émission était signé de Cap Digital, ceux la même que l’on denoncait, mais qui ne se sont visiblement pas reconnus et qui nous propose candidement de participer a la grand messe du bullshit : Futur en S.

Des liens :

Le manifeste Hacker : https://framablog.org/2013/01/15/manifeste-du-hacker-aaron-swartz/

Hackerspace le Jack : http://jack.tf

PSES + HSF 2016 : http://pseshsf.org

Esprit hacker es-tu là ? https://www.lagenerale.fr/?p=7665

Neurohack : http://www.neurohack.cc

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September 20, 2016

Informatic school is in southwest Cameroon


During the Second week the course instructor decided to go over the topics of the first

week such as Variables, string attached to a variable, an integer.  Exercises on topics like loops for loops, foresh loop was also given. Beside three groups was created:

group one: EKema  Albert and Godlove whose project was suggested to make a website with signs where people can log in and chart with one another.

Group Two: Lemnyuy Lizy and Asama Marceline assigned to create a website with hotel reservations

Group Three: Kah Rachel and Clovis assigned to make a page like the facebook page and

Group Four: Linda and sharinda

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#México : privatización histórica de la educación, la salud y el cu...

#México : privatización histórica de la educación, la salud y el cultibisnes

la cultura es un blanco del ultraliberalismo económico y el autoritarismo policial reinantes

Contra todos los analfabetismos, en el arte y la cultura hemos sido bien chingones, y sigue habiendo quién y con qué. Lo difícil es cómo.

los recursos para las artes materializados en becas, premios, estímulos, sueldos, compensaciones, publicaciones estériles y numeritos de lujo dirigidos por el fantasma de Porfirio Díaz.

#cultura #arte #artesania #sociedad #economía

via : La demolición de la cultura, por Hermann Bellinghausen en diario La Jornada -> http://www.jornada.unam.mx/2016/09/19/cultura/a10a1cul

September 19, 2016

September 17, 2016

Radio #Cybernet

TAPES FALLOUT 1 – Audio Leter Live – In the green night:

Da quasi 20 anni nei nostri archivi giace una discreta collezione di nastri magnetici su cassetta, risalenti agli anni 80 e 90. Si tratta generalmente di autoproduzioni di musica sperimentale proveniente da tutto il mondo, in gran parte (ma non solo) ottenuta grazie a una donazione fattaci anni fa dai fratelli di Cane Capovolto, mentre alcuni nastri ci sono stati spediti nel corso degli anni. Sono stati a prender polvere sullo scaffale per troppo tempo; le copertine elaborate, le confezioni inusuali e gli inserti sono sempre stati li’ a stimolare la nostra fantasia. Ogni tanto abbiamo passato brevi spezzoni di esse, effettuando delle selezioni, ma la cosa non e’ mai andata al di la’ di qualche saltuario ascolto.

Abbiamo cosi’ deciso di dare un senso e valorizzare questa collezione, dedicando un intero ciclo di trasmissioni a queste cassette.

TAPES FALLOUT e’ quindi una serie di podcast trasmissioni in cui daremo spazio ad ognuna di esse, cercando il piu’ possibile di reperire informazioni relative al loro contenuto, agli artisti che le hanno prodotte, al contesto eccetera. I nastri saranno campionati e trasmessi per intero, senza tagli, interruzioni ne’ interventi di alcun tipo, circondati solo da informazioni e dai nostri commenti (nonche’ a volte di altri materiali che via via ci inventeremo, ma sempre senza toccare il materiale proposto)

Per questa prima puntata di TAPES FALLOUT abbiamo scelto a caso questo nastro, che raccoglie registrazioni dal vivo effettuate tra il 1982 ed il 1984, intitolate “Audio Leter Live – In the green night:”.


La cassetta (TDK, personalizzata con una grafica glitter) e’ arricchita da un libretto di 12 pagine con descrizioni, grafica ed informazioni sul contenuto. Da essa apprendiamo che la casa produttrice di questo nastro e’ la C.N.L.F. di New York.


Il collettivo Audio Leter (Audio Letter nella pagina di Sharon Gannon su Wikipedia, stranamente) nasce a Seattle nel 1979 (ben prima di Kurt Kobain e compagnia), da Sue Ann Harkey (altro link) e da Sharon Gannon (peraltro autrice di alcune delle grafiche e del libretto allegato). Tanti artisti oggi famosi orbiteranno attorno alla formazione base, tra cui citiamo quelli di questo nastro, i musicisti / performer Paul Hoskin, Lesli Dalaba, Robert Hinrix, Chris Cochrane, Deran Ludd.

Tra i pezzi, segnaliamo una registrazione effettuata alla New York University della colona sonora di un cortometraggio (di cui non siamo riusciti a trovare tracce in rete) di Liz Bouiss, realizzata dal vivo durante la proiezione dello stesso.

Grazie a questo nastro scopriamo tante cose interessanti.Sue Ann Harkey suona tutt’ora, cosi’ come Sharon Gannon, che si occupa anche di un sacco di altre cose (yoga, diritti degli animali, coreografia, danza, arti visive). In generale i musicisti citati (ne mancano tanti, il progetto Audio Leter e’ molto vasto; noi citiamo solo quelli relativi a questo nastro) proseguono tutt’ora a fare gran belle cose, collaborando spesso con veri mostri del jazz e della musica contemporanea; scavando tra i link troviamo diversi nomi interessanti come  Wayne Horvitz, John Zorn, Don Cherry e tanti altri. A contorno, scopriamo che la sopracitata regista e videomaker Liz Bouiss ha realizzato tra le tante cose un bellissimo documentario sulla guerra in Vietnam, che trovate sulla sua pagina Vimeo. Vi consigliamo caldamente di indagare 🙂

Si tratta di un prodotto di frontiera a cavallo tra un certo tipo di jazz, performance/teatro e la new wave piu’ acida (John Lydon, Throbbing Gristle, etc.), peraltro una ottima occasione per vendicarsi degli inquilini del quarto piano quando ascoltano le hit di sanremo a tutto volume.

La registrazione non e’ di qualita’ eccelsa ma permette di cogliere quello che doveva essere l’ambiente della Seattle di quegli anni 80; peccato non disporre di immagini a corredo di queste performances (ma stiamo ancora cercando).

Ascoltato al computer sembrera’ una confusa accozzaglia di suoni ma l’ascolto con una buona cuffia, che consigliamo sempre, oppure attraverso un BUON impianto Hi-Fi, rivelera’ una sorprendente stereofonia (coi limiti dovuti al nastro magnetico ed alla sua eta’) nella quale potrete cogliere le voci degli artisti senza effetti, i suoni dell’ambiente, tanti altri strumenti, ed una stereofonia molto piacevole. 🙂

Nota: Se vi trovate ad avere del materiale simile (demotapes, autoproduzioni, registrazioni o altro degli anni 80/90) e volete condividerle con noi, saremmo felici di inserirle nella nostra programmazione. Contattateci per ulteriori dettagli 🙂

BUON ASCOLTO! Puntata su Soundcloud

all-itgn01 all-itgn02-03 all-itgn04-05 all-itgn06-07 all-itgn08-09 all-itgn10-11 all-itgn12 all-itgn13 Audio Leter - In the green night:

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Informatic school is in southwest Cameroon

Linux Friends Participating In The Software Freedom Day In Douala

The Program started at 9:00am 17-09-2016 in the Tech-no Building in Douala.There were different opinions on the open source software over other operating system.

there were different presentations from the different groups. The first presentation was on the advantages of Linux Operating System over other operating system.

the next presentation was on the cloud computing which means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. An example of cloud is the Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive . In Cameroon there are two big Cloud service provider which is the Orange company and the MTN


The  third presentation was on Open hospital a software for hospital

The fourth presentation was from the Association of Linux Friends.  Michel presented on one a Server with 3 client . He did installation on local repository while lucius presented his project of gitlab

photo 1 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

photo -2 photo- 1

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September 16, 2016

videogame confessional forum

jesse schell

My name is Jesse Schell. I am 45 years old. I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In terms of experience with the game industry, wow. Let's see. I started making games as an amateur in probably 1982...

by david wolinsky

Radio #Cybernet

TAPES FALLOUT – Coming soon

A series of podcasts dedicated to a collection of ancient ’80 compact cassette tapes from the world autoproductions galaxy; tapes, tapes, tapes, but also covers, pictures, informations and a lot of other things. In italian language – but sometimes in english language also.  😉 Conducted by Asbesto, Fanfani and… who knows?


Stay tuned!


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September 14, 2016

In the news

“En EE.UU. si no eres delincuente, estás en desventaja” (Vídeo ... - Diario Ojo Pelao

Diario Ojo Pelao

“En EE.UU. si no eres delincuente, estás en desventaja” (Vídeo ...
Diario Ojo Pelao
De cara a las elecciones presidenciales de EE.UU. que se van a llevar a cabo en noviembre, Max y Stacy analizaron el rol de algunas entidades bancarias que ...

and more »

September 13, 2016

In the news

"En EE.UU. si no eres delincuente, estás en desventaja" - RT en Español - Noticias internacionales

RT en Español - Noticias internacionales

"En EE.UU. si no eres delincuente, estás en desventaja"
RT en Español - Noticias internacionales
En la segunda parte del programa Max dialogó con Jaromil, de Dyne.org, quién se encuentra en el mercado de criptodivisas prácticamente desde el comienzo. El entrevistado comenzó señalando que "cuando Satoshi Nakamoto ideó el bitcoin no solo creó ...

and more »

Download the application RT News - RT


Download the application RT News
In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the basket of deplorables and the fistful of dollars that is the toxic soap opera called US Elections 2016 in which the “basket of deplorables” is not the bankers with the fistful of campaign ...

and more »

September 12, 2016


Los del San Patricio : Desertores con causa

Los del San Patricio : Desertores con causa

«Éramos cuarenta y ocho hombres sin patria y sin uniforme; esperábamos encontrar ambas cosas más allá de las líneas mexicanas.»


#historia #Mexico #EEUU #USA #colonia #guerra #Texas #California #frontera #libro #sociedad

Los de San Patricio cuenta la historia del sargento Riley, y de cientos de irlandeses, polacos, alemanes, judíos y esclavos negros huidos del norte que cruzaron a lo largo de tres años de contienda las líneas enemigas para pelear contra un ejército en el que hordas de colonos masacraban a la población mexicana que encontraban a su paso y violaban a mujeres –y niñas, tal como relata Cacucci– con el consentimiento de la oficialidad yanki.

Lucharon como Batallón de San Patricio, en una especie de primeras brigadas internacionales de la historia, en las batallas de Monterrey, la Angostura, del Cerro Gordo y de Churubusco, esta última ya a las puertas de Ciudad de México.

  • Pino Cacucci recupera en 'Los del San Patricio' la historia de los soldados que abandonaron las filas del ejército yanki para unirse al mexicano en la guerra entre Estados Unidos y el país latino de mediados del XIX.


España: en Andalucía se inicia la trata de esclavos desde el siglo XV

España: en Andalucía se inicia la trata de esclavos desde el siglo XV

"(...)fue primero la demanda en Andalucía, y después en el resto de España. Sevilla se convirtió en un gran puerto esclavista, y después también Barcelona o Cádiz."

  • En Sevilla en el siglo XVI y XVII podía haber entre un 10 y 15% de población negra y mestiza

Andalucía [fue] uno de los primeros sitios a donde fueron llevadas muchos escalvos. El documental 'Gurumbé, canciones de tu memoria negra', dirigido por el antropólogo y cineasta jerezano Miguel Ángel Rosales y producida por Intermedia, documenta el paso de la población esclava negra por Andalucía y su influencia en la cultura.

#historia #esclavitud #humanidad #España #Portugal #documental #cultura #Andalucía #negro #mestizo #colonia #Sevilla #trabajo


#HipHop #Mixtapes at the #Internet #Archive

#HipHop #Mixtapes at the #Internet #Archive

There is an entire ecosystem of mixtape distribution and access. There are easily tens of thousands of known mixtapes that have existed. This is a huge, already-extant environment out there, that was established, culturally critical, and born-digital.


#music #culture #mix


September 10, 2016

Evgeny Morozov

Only a cash-strapped public sector still finds ‘smart’ technology sexy | Evgeny Morozov

The Silicon Valley giants have got public services in their sights. But is innovation just a euphemism for privatisation?

The irony must be lost on Silicon Valley: Uber, a company run by an unabashed admirer of libertarian novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand, is increasingly touted as the saviour of American public transport systems, establishing partnerships with many municipalities to offer a parallel, privately run alternative.

Related: The likes of Mark Zuckerberg already rule the media. Now they want to censor the past | Marina Hyde

Continue reading...

by Evgeny Morozov

Informatic school is in southwest Cameroon

Patrick Baumann Donate sporting Materials


Patrick Baumann Donate sporting Materials to the Association of Linux Friends July 2016


ball1ball2  football1 football2 football3



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September 09, 2016

Informatic school is in southwest Cameroon



class1 class2 class3 class4 class5lucius1lucius2lucius3
  The Php course started on Monday the 5-09-2016 with Lucius Bachmann as course instructor from Switzerland. The course start from 1:00pm -4:00pm from Monday to Friday,  11 students were present for the first week,  this students included, Teachers of the Association of Linux Friends, Students from  Neba School in Kumba, Some ex-students of Linux Friends. Topics taught for the first week included, Git, Work flow, and Web application. On Friday there was a review and exercises.

The course is not so easy, said the students, they are interested, they do not understand well, yet they do not want to give up.

The aimed of this course is to trained teachers who will be able to teach in the Advance class of the Association, to have a stable class with a teacher always available.
Done by Lemnyuy Lizatte

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videogame confessional forum

gareth noyce

Okay, so, my name is Gareth Noyce. I'm 39 years old. I was born in Southampton on the south coast of England, where I grew up and spent most of my life. I'm currently living in Helsinki in Finland....

by david wolinsky

September 07, 2016


#Escher : "I hated school” In this 1971 Documentary Adventures in P...

#Escher : "I hated school”

  • In this 1971 Documentary Adventures in Perception, the background music is great!

Originally commissioned by the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs, offers in its first half a meditation on the mesmerizing, often impossible world Escher had created with his art to date. Its second half captures Escher in the last years of his life, still at work in his Laren, North Holland studio


via Open Culture Blog and Laughing Squid -> https://dia.so/1Yr

#video #math #art #draw #geometry

September 02, 2016

Alan :: law, technology and cinema, washed down with wine

Filmpiraten Crush Austrofascists (at first instance…)

An Austrian court issued an interesting judgment this week. A leftist film collective, Filmpiraten, took a court case against the far-right Freedom Party of Austia (FPÖ) for copyright-infringing reuse of material published on youtube under a creative commons license. The video at issue documented antifascist protests against the Viennese Akademikerball, an annual event held by the FPÖ  which has been the target of demonstrators for many years.

Filmpiraten publish their work on the website and on youtube under a BY-NC-SA license. this means that others are free to use the material without permission providing the use is non-commercial, the work is attributed to them, and that whatever work is created downstream using it is distributed under the same licensing conditions.

The FPÖ operate their own youtube channel which includes a program called FPÖ-TV, published as work in which copyright is claimed. The court case thus concerned a violation of Creative Commons licensing terms under which the Filmpiraten had made their work available. Where a would-be user of material available under a CC license does not accept the licensing conditions, they must make a licensing agreement with the copyright holder in the usual way. Unless they are using it on the basis of one of the statutory exceptions (criticism, commentary etc).

In any case the Filmpiraten were successful in the Viennese court, so this is a significant decision for anyone interest in the treatment of CC licenses in the courts. The FPÖ will appeal. The newspaper report from Der Standard is available here (German).

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videogame confessional forum

steve darnall

My name is Steve Darnall. I'm 51 years old and I live in Chicago. I am the publisher of Nostalgia Digest, a quarterly magazine about the Golden Age of entertainment, a position I've held since 2005....

by david wolinsky

September 01, 2016



Since some weeks the Bordermonitoring Serbia Blog is online, where permanently updated information on the constantly changing situation in Serbia can be found.  Below, the first report written by Bordermonitoring Serbia itself.  Since the 15th of July, the day that prime minister Aleksandar Vučić held a speech [1] about the problems Serbia is facing at … RECENT REPRESSION ON PEOPLE ON THE MOVE IN SERBIA weiterlesen

by ms

Alan :: law, technology and cinema, washed down with wine

Pirate Residuum

Hard to believe that only four or five years ago the Pirate Party (PP) were enjoying a German honeymoon, winning large numbers of votes and entering four regional parliaments. In the Berlin election in 2011 their results were so strong that they did not have enough candidates to fill all the seats won; candidates who ran with with little hope of getting into district assemblies were instead elected to the major-league Senate – the citywide parliament. But this unexpected triumph was to be their zenith, thereafter the party formed a circular firing squad.

During the five years of the Berlin Senate the PP parliamentary group had five chairs and co-chairs, of these four are no longer members of the party (although all continue to sit as part of the Pirate group) – Alexander Spies is the last of this band carrying a party card. Two of these former chairs were among  35 former Berlin Pirates who published an open  letter in January announcing their defection to Die Linke (the Left party) while another flirts with joining the SPD. Three other PP members elected to the Senate have also departed. This means that having started the Parliamentary session with 15 representatives, they now have 8.

A further twist to the current Berlin election is that former national chairperson of the Pirates, Bernd Schlömer, is running as a  leading candidate for the FDP (Liberals) having joined them last October. This is less surprising that it may seem as both FDP and Die Linke (as well as the Greens and the Pirates) once participated in the Freiheit Statt Angst! (Freedom Not Fear!) demonstrations, an annual field day of the forces opposed to mass surveillance/social control which used to take place in Berlin each September.


Pirate Party poster campaign against CDU law and order minister Frank Henkel

Berlin Election 2016

Polling currently puts the PP on 3%, well below the 5% threshold required to be allocated any seats in the Parliament. As in 2011 they are running an eye-catching campaign focused on issues where they have campaigned effectively: housing, the investigation into the billion euro airport scandal, against racism. But the nature of their public meltdown both at national and local level after 2012 has wrecked their credibility.  (If one wants to vote for a neo-Dadaist anti-party Berlin already has one, die Partei, who also have a European MEP!)

The departure of former members for other parties also undermines their position as  self-appointed interpreters of the magic powers of technology. This should not be underestimated: until 2012 they were effectively identified as the ‘party of the internet’, the people who wanted to usher in a streamlined tomorrow, the epitome of progress and forward thinking. But this stranglehold on the tech-dream is over.


Posters satirising the language of  danger zones ‘gefahrengebiet’ and highlighting local scandals around rising rents, the endless saga of the new Berlin airport etc…

The Berlin PP was regarded as representing the party’s left-wing and some of its votes will now return to Die Linke or move to the Greens. Meanwhile, populist discontent has shifted decisively right after the controversy over refugee policy met the gunpowder of the sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. electorally this means pay dirt for the Alternative fur Deutschland (AFD), a toxic brew of xenophobes, alienated conservatives, economic liberals and populists, who will almost certainly enter the city Parliament this month.


by nonrival

August 29, 2016


E: Unmet dependencies. Try using -f.


sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

There is an error with my dependencies
Consultd 1.2 and emplyomentd 1.70
I cannot pay my rent without their libraries
And to install i need to share my salary

Where do i fit in this society?
The more i look and the less i see
They want no robots nor do they want me.
work is a point in the agenda of the party

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

My liver isn’t black market worthy
And my master degree from a street university
My ambitions are low and i am debt free
There is no room in the industry for robots like me

Don’t get me wrong i would also like to be
Installed and running and compatible with society
But i am running a different library
Because my kernel is still libre and free.

written on: 20160830
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Set Hallstrom aka sakrecoer —–BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE—– Version: GnuPG v1

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by Sakrecoer

August 26, 2016

videogame confessional forum


Yeah. Well, my superhero name is Grieves. [Laughs.] I'm part of a record label out of Minnesota called Rhymesayers Entertainment and we kind of merged into the videogame world about a year ago...

by david wolinsky

August 08, 2016


Bericht zu Bulgarien

Die (migrations-)politische Situation in Bulgarien stellt sich häufig als sehr komplex, undurchsichtig und vor allem negativ dar. Der neue Bericht Die Situation für Flüchtende in Bulgarien im Kontext der Schließung des ‚humanitären Korridors‘, veröffentlicht von Moving Europe und Bordermonitoring.eu (Autor: Mathias Fiedler) wirkt dem entgegen. Er enthält, neben anderem, sowohl Informationen zur aktuellen Situation an … Bericht zu Bulgarien weiterlesen

by ms

August 06, 2016

Evgeny Morozov

Silicon Valley was going to disrupt capitalism. Now it’s enhancing it

The tech giants thought they would beat old businesses but the health and finance industries are using data troves to become more, not less, resilient

The chances that, in a few years’ time, people will be able to receive basic healthcare without interacting with a technology company became considerably smaller after recent announcements of two intriguing but not entirely unpredictable partnerships.

One is between Alphabet, Google’s parent company, and pharmaceuticals giant GlaxoSmithKline. The two have agreed to form a $715m company to focus on the new field of bioelectronics, which involves developing miniature electrical implants capable of treating a number of chronic diseases.

It was a mistake to think it would disrupt other industriesas it had music sales, advertising and news

Far from ushering in a new, flexible era, it may make the very kind of capitalism that it claims to despise

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by Evgeny Morozov