November 25, 2014

This Cannot Be Happening!

Stoking Fear as the US Prepares for the Next War in the Middle East

Oh no! The American jihadis are coming!


You read it in USA Today: The latest “threat to America” is “thousands of jihadis” with Western passports,” returning from battle in Syria and Iraq to wreak havoc and destruction in the “US homeland.”

It’s a nightmare profoundly hoped for by the US Department of Homeland Security, that massive security-state bureaucracy looking for a raison d’être.

According to the USA Today article, there “may be” thousands of so-called Islamic State fighters who have western passports, including “perhaps” some 150-300 Americans. The fear expressed in this heavy-breathing piece is that since these fighters, once in Syria or Iraq, will be coming under fire by US planes, which are bombing IS forces and, reportedly, killing hundreds of them, and that they will turn their anger from the apostates they went abroad to fight to the US government and perhaps the American people who were supporting this campaign that is trying to kill them and their IS comrades-in-arms.

Another way to look at this would be to say, “A fine mess you’ve gotten us into Mr. Obama!”

What we’re talking about here, really, if these numbers are to be believed (and who knows if they are correct really?), is old-fashioned blow-back -- that term hailing from the cloak-and-dagger Cold War world of the CIA and KGB that refers to how covert wars and covert overthrows of governments can have a nasty habit of producing unintended consequences which end up turning the tables on the initiator of an action. The CIA’s overthrow of the elected government of Iran and installation of the dictatorial Shah of Iran is a good example. It led ultimately to an anti-American revolution led by the fanatic if anti-imperialist imam Ruhollah Khomeini and the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran -- hardly the intent of the original CIA plotters and their Washington masters.

The invasion of Iraq in 2003 orchestrated by Vice President Dick Cheney and his neo-con braintrust is another example of blowback. By destroying the government of Saddam Hussein, Cheney and his gang destroyed the country of Iraq, ignited a vicious civil war between Iraqi Sunnis and Shiites, and ultimately brought forth the Islamic State forces. In a smaller example of blowback, the CIA and Pentagon secretly trained and armed fanatic Islamic Sunni fighters opposed to Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad, only to have those fighters decide a better target was the oppressive Shi-ia regime in Iraq. The US-trained Sunni fighters became the core of the Islamic Republic which the US is now committed to trying to destroy. Hence the concern about US jihadi fighters who are part of the IS army turning their wrath on the US.

Syrian Islamic rebels receiving weapons and training from US, UK and French special forces in Lebanon in 2013 (How's that workin' out?)Syrian Islamic rebels receiving weapons and training from US, UK and French special forces in Lebanon in 2013 (How's that workin' out?)

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by lindorff

Belling Cat

Sources of Turkish Conduct – Part 1

MEW Logo2Turkey Wonk LogoThis is a joint Middle East Week and Turkey Wonk podcast about Turkey’s foreign policy in the Middle East. This is part one of two episodes that are based on a forthcoming book by Aaron Stein on this topic. In this first part we discussed:

  • Turkey’s policy of “Strategic Depth”
  • The motivations behind the AKP’s foreign policy strategy
  • Turkey’s role as mediator in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and their support for Hamas
  • How Turkey reacted to the start of the Arab Spring in Tunisia
  • Turkey’s reaction to the uprising in Libya and their role in the current conflict
  • The ups and downs of Turkey’s foreign policy in Egypt after the fall of Mubarak



Scrivener – a powerful content-generation tool for writers that allows you to concentrate on composing and structuring long and difficult documents.

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by Karl Morand

The Next Layer

Article that appear in an Electronic Newspaper about Elektra a Valpo Mesh. Spanish Only

Filósofa y activista alemana Elektra Wagenrad realiza laboratorio de redes libres en Valparaíso
La filósofa del “no-pensamiento” está de visita en Valparaíso participando en el 2º Encuentro de Cultura Digital a través de la realización del Laboratorio de Redes Libres con el apoyo del Área de Nuevos Medios del Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes. El taller se realizará este lunes 24 de noviembre a las 12:00 horas en la Facultad de Ciencias Sociales de la Universidad de Valparaíso.

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by Valpomesh

Belling Cat

Investigathon – Near Misses: Tools that Almost Worked

On  November 12th 2014 Google Ideas, Google For Media, and the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) ran the Investigathon New York, a day long event looking investigation tools and techniques that included a number of presentation on the subect filmed by Google Ideas.

Near Misses: Tools that Almost Worked. Sarah Cohen, Pulitzer-winning Reporter and Editor at the New York Times and President of IRE, explains why so many tools for journalists almost worked — but didn’t quite — and what we can do about it.

by Bellingcat

Investigathon – War and Pieces – Social Media Investigations

On  November 12th 2014 Google Ideas, Google For Media, and the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) ran the Investigathon New York, a day long event looking investigation tools and techniques that included a number of presentation on the subect filmed by Google Ideas.

In War and Pieces – Social Media Investigations Eliot Higgins looks at Bellingcat’s investigation into the missile launched linked to the downing of MH17, and the role social media investigation played in that research.

The full version of the Bellingcat report, Origin of the Separatists’ Buk, is available here.

by Bellingcat

November 24, 2014

The GNU project

FSF Blogs: The sharks move in; lobbyists pushing forward on TPP agreements

On October 16th, WikiLeaks released an updated draft of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Strategic Partnership Agreement chapter on copyright, patent and other proprietary interests. A previous draft had been released last year. If you aren't familiar with TPP, it is a multinational trade-agreement that is being developed through a series of secret negotiations that when enacted will have a vast effect on civil liberties, including the ability of users all around the world to enjoy software freedom.

We have been following and opposing these negotiations both in person and online for many years now. We wrote earlier this year about the dangers posed by these secret negotiations. This latest leak reveals that the countries involved in the TPP negotiations are coming closer to acceptance of a whole host of problematic agreements:

  • Penalizing the circumvention of digital restriction management, even for non-infringing uses. Previous leaked versions of the negotiations were poised to repeat the miserable failure of the United State's DMCA anti-circumvention exemption regime. While the current draft has moved away from implementing this broken system elsewhere, it still leaves in place a system where users can face penalties for circumventing digital restrictions management. Worse still, these penalties can apply even when the circumvention is done for non-infringing uses.
  • Perpetuating indefinite terms of copyright. The current draft shows the parties solidifying agreement around extending the term of copyright restriction, potentially up to life of the author plus 100 years. The U.S. has extended the term of copyright several times over the past decades, and accepting the maximum proposed change would once again break the basic bargain of the copyright system. This term would push perpetual copyright into other countries as well.
  • Failing to block the patenting of software. The current draft once again leaves open the possibility of software coming under the heading of patentable subject matter. The disaster of software patents in countries where they already exist is one of the greatest threats to user freedom, and a regime that does not block the patenting of software will only expand this problem elsewhere. Most troubling is the proposal by Mexico specifically stating that signing parties should be able to exclude software from patentable subject matter. This would be great news, if not for the fact that they are the only country signed onto the proposal.

These are just a few of the problems with the subject matter of the negotiations, not to mention the over-arching problem of the process being hidden from the public. We have asked for your help in the past in opposing TPP, but the fight is still not over. Here's what you can do to help:


#radioslibres #gn...

#radioslibres #gnulinux #gnu #linux #GNUETERTICs #get
Buenas noticias. Las #radioscomunitarias tienen a su alcance una nueva herramienta para lograr la independencia tecnológica. Un grupo de compañeros de distintas ciudades de la Patria Grande lograron crear una distribución que contiene reproductores y automatizadores, todo con #SoftwareLibre ; leer completo

This Cannot Be Happening!

Prosecutors Falsely Push Prison Term for Innocent Teen

It's not about justice, it's winning convictions


Nasheeba Adams was both ecstatic and sad as she stood outside of Philadelphia’s Criminal Justice Center courthouse recently hugging her son Tomayo McDuffy.

She was ecstatic because minutes earlier Philadelphia’s District Attorneys Office had withdrawn highly suspect charges against her nineteen-year-old son -- charges that could have stuffed him in a prison cell for 80+ years. McDuffy, who wants to study engineering in college, experienced his eighteenth birthday while held in Philadelphia’s most violent adult pre-trial prison, as he was unable to post an onerous $500,000 bail for attempted murder and nine other charges.

Adams, while ecstatic that prosecutors withdrew as groundless all charges against her son, was also sad though, because the nearly two-year long battle to free her son forced her into bankruptcy and drove her family from their home thanks to lawyers fees and other expenses related to the effort to free McDuffy..

“I fought for his freedom and I got it! This taught me that you don’t ever give up,” Adams said at the courthouse. “From now on, every day will be Mother’s Day for me!”

Despite her joy, Adams carried a sinking feeling from the fact that Philadelphia police and prosecutors had repeatedly rejected strong evidence that the crime causing her son’s arrest never occurred –- evidence that was clear and compelling withing just weeks following McDuffy’s May 3, 2013 arrest.

The ordeal of Tomayo McDuffy is yet the latest example of the egregiously overzealous prosecutions that fuel mass incarceration across America. All too often prosecutors disregard their legal and ethical duty to ‘seek justice,’ and instead engage in relentless and unprincipled efforts to secure convictions irrespective of compelling evidence of innocence. Prosecutors recklessly ignore evidence of innocence because convictions –- not exonerations -– are the currency for promotions and other job performance perks.

Tamayo McDuffy and his mother Nasheeba Adams (l) and Philadelphia's not so new (and not so ethical) DA Seth WilliamsTamayo McDuffy and his mother Nasheeba Adams (l) and Philadelphia's not so new (and not so ethical) DA Seth Williams

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by washington

The GNU project

FSF Blogs: The FSF is hiring: Seeking a full-time outreach and communication coordinator

This position, reporting to the executive director, works closely with our campaigns, licensing, and technical staff, as well as our board of directors, to edit, publish, and promote high-quality, effective materials both digital and printed.

These materials are a critical part of advancing the FSF's work to support the GNU Project, free software adoption, free media formats, and freedom on the Internet; and to oppose DRM, software patents, and proprietary software.

Some of the position's more important responsibilities include:

  • stewarding the online publication and editing process for all outreach staff; including copyediting, formatting, posting, and maintaining material on our Web sites; and sending out e-mail messages to our lists;

  • producing and improving our monthly e-mail newsletter the Free Software Supporter;

  • improving the effectiveness of our audio and video materials use;

  • editing and building our biannual printed Bulletin;

  • promoting our work and the work of others in the area of computing freedom on social networking sites;

  • helping to produce fundraising materials and assisting with our fundraising drives;

  • cultivating the community around the LibrePlanet wiki and network, including the annual conference;

  • working with and encouraging volunteers; and

  • being an approachable, humble, and friendly representative of the FSF to our worldwide community of existing supporters and the broader public, both in person and online.

A successful candidate will have strong editing skills, especially in the area of copyediting, and will take pride in working with a team to create consistently polished and effective materials.

While this is a job for a person who is passionate about technology and its social impact, it is not primarily a technical position. The main technical requirement is a willingness to learn to use many new and possibly unfamiliar pieces of software, with a positive attitude. That being said, experience with CiviCRM and GNU/Linux will be considered a big plus, and experience with any of the following technologies should be mentioned: Plone, Drupal, Ikiwiki, Subversion, Git, CVS, Ssh, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Emacs, LaTeX, Inkscape, GIMP, Markdown, or MediaWiki.

Because the FSF works globally and seeks to have our materials distributed in as many languages as possible, multilingual candidates will be noticed. English, German, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Malagasy, and a smattering of Japanese are represented among current FSF staff.

With our small staff of thirteen, each person makes a clear contribution. We work hard, but offer a humane and fun work environment.

Benefits and salary

The job must be worked on-site at the FSF's office in downtown Boston.

This is a union position. The salary is fixed at $49k and is non-negotiable. Other benefits include:

  • full family health coverage through Blue Cross/Blue Shield's HMO Blue program,
  • subsidized dental plan,
  • four weeks of paid vacation annually,
  • seventeen paid holidays annually,
  • public transit commuting cost reimbursement,
  • 403(b) program through TIAA-CREF,
  • yearly cost-of-living pay increases, and
  • potential for an annual performance bonus.

Application instructions

Applications must be submitted via email to The email must contain the subject line, "Outreach and Communications Coordinator". A complete application should include:

  • resume,
  • cover letter,
  • writing sample (1000 words or less),
  • links to published work online, and
  • three or more edits you would suggest to this job posting.

All materials must be in a free format (such as plain text, PDF, or OpenDocument, and not Microsoft Word). Email submissions that do not follow these instructions will probably be overlooked. No phone calls, please.

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until the position is filled. To ensure consideration, apply before 10:00am EST on Monday, December 8th.

The FSF is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any employee or application for employment on the basis of race, color, marital status, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, handicap, or any other legally protected status recognized by federal, state or local law. We value diversity in our workplace.

November 23, 2014

The Next Layer

Interview with Elektra 1. By Valeria Viancos

This is an Interview made by Viviana Viancos with Corinna "Elektra" Aichele, before she made a presentation in Espacio G. The photo is moment of her presentation on November 15th in Espacio G, Valparaíso, Chile.

Viviana Viancos: 1. How will be your participation in the 2nd Digital Culture Meeting? Can you describe it?

Elektra: I will help to build a free and open wireless communications community here in Valpo, by explaining the technological principles and physical and software basics of a wireless mesh network. We will do practical network building, lectures, workshops. I am training people to use the Linux distribution OpenWRT, which is used to flash commodity (cheap of-the shelf) routers and transform this hardware to something even more useful that can be used to form a relatively large and cheap communication network. It can cover a large section of a city or even an entire city. I am introducing people also to the routing algorithms, principles of radio physics and the philosophical background of such a mesh network – which is basically based on mutual aid.

Viviana Viancos: 2. How does the idea of making this kind of intervention comes up?

Elektra: I have been involved in the development of Freifunk, which is a free and open communications community in German speaking countries and I have met Enrique at the ResPublica 2014 in Berlin, who suggested me to come. Besides: Freifunk has a nice film on youtube, with subtitles in Spanish, too:

Viviana Viancos: 3. I've been told you were an hacker philosopher, can you explain me what is it about?

Elektra: I am the "philosopher of non-thinking"
I don't make my brain think: My brain thinks me.
To explain it a bit:
The fact, that you talk in your head, doesn't mean that you think, but only that you speak – and since nobody else can listen to your talk, you are most likely talking to yourself. But how useful is self-talk?
According to communication theory, if two instances involved in communication have reached the exact same level of information, they can stop the communication process: I don't have to tell anything to myself, because everything I know and think – I know and think, too!
Autocommunication is merely manipulation by autosuggestion. Autosuggestion doesn't always mean self-programming, as the content of the autosuggestion is not neccessarily originated from the individual itself. Others might be able to exploit the habit of an individuals autosuggestion in order to harm the individual. I think of it as a brain-malware. And by the way: What good is it to manipulate ourselves?! Are we not good enough as what we actually are, why do we need to optimize ourself in the way of fools?
One can not explain the meaning of ones life, the life of others or the secrets of the universe to oneself, by talking to oneself. Truth and reality are outside outside head. So I go out to the world, explore and follow my intuition, as intuition is the natural cognition of the brain.
If people ask me who I am, in reply to these thoughts, I tell them:
I am the voice of Elektra Wagenrad. My mistress is currently not at home. So please, leave a message. Someone might call you back later...
There are two fundamental concepts of cognition:

1/ The first concept of cognition has been developed and implemented by nature. Nature has developed the nervous system of animals, including us human animals. The cognition of our nervous system, which happens automatically and independently of our "free will" is often disrespected and disregarded by the ruling morale and education, because it can not be controlled by "our free will". If humans make mistakes, they always blame it on their animal-human nature. Hence, humans consider their own physical existence "imperfect" or even "bad" or "evil". I call these people that disrespect and disregard their animal-human existence "body-haters".
Biologists call the natural, independent cognition of the human body "irritability": The nervous system responds to external or internal stimulus in order to keep us alive and make us happy. A internal stimulus is hunger or thirst, for example. An external stimulus is that we see birds fly, want to fly too, and build planes. That is the sole purpose of our nervous system.
The brain has a stimulus-reaction scheme. We touch the hot plate as a child and burn our fingers. We draw back the hand in response to the pain. However, we consider this act a "lower function" of consciousness and are ignorant to the many, many immensely complex cognitions of our brain, that it performs with ease every day.

2/ The concept of thinking of the "mind" or "free will" – that almost everyone in society believes in today – I consider an illusion. One doesn't become smarter by imagining a smart little man in ones head, that takes our matters in his hands. We do this all the time when we ask ourselves – because if we don't know the answers, why are we actually asking ourselves – a.k.a. the little man in our heads?
This is a childish philosophy that originates from our phase of magical thinking, a phase that we all are likely to go through in our childhood. Sadly, ~96% of the human population, young or old, follow this basic philosophy today. I consider that the fools way to wisdom. Basically all schools of thought, world view, philosophy are merely modifications and modulations of this childish philosophy.
Talking to the average dude about this, triggers a strong experience of cognitive dissonance and subsequently strong emotional acts of cognitive realization by the little man in their head, who feels endangered and calls for arms and injustice and lack of logic in a fight for self-little-man-defense.
The self-talk in our heads also is a stimulus, that our nervous system will respond to, according to the natural stimulus-response scheme. Schizophrenic people believe, since they can influence their nervous system with their self-talk in their heads, that they are able to control and optimize how their brain works. This is the same logic like believing you will become smarter if you hit your forehead hard enough with a hammer, as one can indeed influence brain activity with a baton.
The philosophy of non-thinking goes beyond thinking, so it can not be understood by thinking Talking to yourself about it, i.e. hammering on your forhead with your mother-language will not help you to understand anything better.
I am trying to cast a spell: To create a virus in human language, a meme, that goes from head to head and destroys the logical fallacy of "mind", to set us all free from the magical ban of mental slavery by autosuggestions

Viviana Viancos: 4. Did you knew about this Digital Culture Meeting? What do you think about this?

Elektra:I learned about it from Enrique. It is providing a framework and brings us together to learn from each other: The power of networks and their effects can be beautiful.

Viviana Viancos: 5. The first edition of this Meeting was developed in Santiago, now it will be in Valparaíso. What does it mean for you to work in this city, considering its history and cultural heritage?

Elektra: I'm sorry for my lack of knowledge about Valparaiso, so I don't think I can come up with an elaborated answer.

by Valpomesh

The GNU project

grep @ Savannah: grep-2.21 released [stable]


#Ayotzinapa #PGR ...

#Ayotzinapa #PGR consigna por delitos graves a las 11 personas detenidas arbitrariamente este #20novmx

November 22, 2014

Belling Cat

Kurdish Independence

MEW Logo2Michael Knights comes back on the show to discuss issues related to Kurdish independence. Topics covered include:

  • Kurdish autonomy through the 1990’s and 2000’s
  • The Kurdish economy and the importance of oil
  • Unity and cooperation amongst various Kurdish political parties and organizations
  • The potential future importance of Kurdish natural gas
  • How the international community has approached the issue of Kurdish independence
  • What the future could hold for Kurdish political and economic independence


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by Karl Morand

The GNU project

parallel @ Savannah: GNU Parallel 20141122 ('Rosetta') released

GNU Parallel 20141122 ('Rosetta') has been released. It is available for download at:

Haiku of the month:

Hadoop bit too much?
Want a simpler syntax now?
Use GNU Parallel.
-- Ole Tange

A central piece of command generation was rewritten making this release beta quality. As always it passes the testsuite, so most functionality clearly works.

New in this release:

  • Remote systems can be divided into hostgroups (e.g. web and db) by prepending '@groupname/' to the sshlogin. Multiple groups can be given by separating groups with '+'. E.g. @web/www1 @web+db/www2 @db/mariadb
  • Remote execution can be restricted to servers that are part of one or more groups by '@groupname' as an sshlogin. Multiple groups can be given by separating groups with '+'. E.g. -S @web or -S @db+web
  • With --hostgroup you can restrict arguments to certain hostgroups by appending '@groupname' to the argument. Multiple groups can be given by separating groups with '+'. E.g. my_web_arg@web db-or-web-arg@db+web db-only-arg@db Thanks to Michel Courtine for developing a prototype for this.
  • Bug fixes and man page updates.

GNU Parallel - For people who live life in the parallel lane.

About GNU Parallel

GNU Parallel is a shell tool for executing jobs in parallel using one or more computers. A job is can be a single command or a small script that has to be run for each of the lines in the input. The typical input is a list of files, a list of hosts, a list of users, a list of URLs, or a list of tables. A job can also be a command that reads from a pipe. GNU Parallel can then split the input and pipe it into commands in parallel.

If you use xargs and tee today you will find GNU Parallel very easy to use as GNU Parallel is written to have the same options as xargs. If you write loops in shell, you will find GNU Parallel may be able to replace most of the loops and make them run faster by running several jobs in parallel. GNU Parallel can even replace nested loops.

GNU Parallel makes sure output from the commands is the same output as you would get had you run the commands sequentially. This makes it possible to use output from GNU Parallel as input for other programs.

You can find more about GNU Parallel at:

You can install GNU Parallel in just 10 seconds with: (wget -O - || curl | bash

Watch the intro video on

Walk through the tutorial (man parallel_tutorial). Your commandline will love you for it.

When using programs that use GNU Parallel to process data for publication please cite:

O. Tange (2011): GNU Parallel - The Command-Line Power Tool, ;login: The USENIX Magazine, February 2011:42-47.

If you like GNU Parallel:

  • Give a demo at your local user group/team/colleagues
  • Post the intro videos on Reddit/Diaspora*/forums/blogs/ lists
  • Get the merchandise
  • Request or write a review for your favourite blog or magazine
  • Request or build a package for your favourite distribution (if it is not already there)
  • Invite me for your next conference

If you use GNU Parallel for research:

  • Please cite GNU Parallel in you publications (use --bibtex)

If GNU Parallel saves you money:


GNU sql aims to give a simple, unified interface for accessing databases through all the different databases' command line clients. So far the focus has been on giving a common way to specify login information (protocol, username, password, hostname, and port number), size (database and table size), and running queries.

The database is addressed using a DBURL. If commands are left out you will get that database's interactive shell.

When using GNU SQL for a publication please cite:

O. Tange (2011): GNU SQL - A Command Line Tool for Accessing Different Databases Using DBURLs, ;login: The USENIX Magazine, April 2011:29-32.

About GNU Niceload

GNU niceload slows down a program when the computer load average (or other system activity) is above a certain limit. When the limit is reached the program will be suspended for some time. If the limit is a soft limit the program will be allowed to run for short amounts of time before being suspended again. If the limit is a hard limit the program will only be allowed to run when the system is below the limit.


¿por qué los movi...

¿por qué los movimientos sociales deben usar tecnologías libres? | Radios Libres -

Los Movimientos luchan contra Monopolios como el de Monsanto ayudados por otros Monopolios igual de dañinos como el de Microsoft o Mac. Terminemos con las “M”.
Por Santiago Garcia Gago.

#softwarelibre #hacktivismo

This Cannot Be Happening!

Forget ‘Fair and Balanced,’ US Corporate Media Give Only the Government’s Side

US news organizations dispense propaganda, not news


One searches almost in vain for honest reporting on the Ukraine conflict in the US corporate media, which is simply parroting the US government position, which is that the rebels in eastern Ukraine are simply tools of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Yet the murderous shelling of the people of the rebel regions of Lugansk and Donetsk in eastern Ukraine is almost certainly wholly the work of an aggressive Kiev-government led Ukraine military, which has been ramping up its forces in the east in preparation for a renewed assault on the two separatist states of Lugansk and Donetsk.

Each time there is a report of shelling of either city, Lugansk or Donetsk, the US media either completely fail to mention who might be responsible, or they report that “both sides” accuse each other of being responsible, though this is clearly absurd, since even those same media also refer to Donetsk and Lugansk as “rebel-held” or “separatist-held,” or as “rebel strongholds.” Why, one ought to ask, would the rebels shell their own territory, much less the capitals of their respective rebel regions?

The model for how such incidents are to be reported was set on Oct. 6 by America’s version of Pravda, Voice of America. In its article that day, headlined NATO Concerned about E. Ukraine Cease-Fire Violations, it states:

The new head of NATO said the Western military alliance is concerned about the large number of violations of the cease-fire in eastern Ukraine, which he indirectly blamed on pro-Russian separatists.

Following in lockstep with that approach, here’s what the US media had to say about the conflict in recent weeks:

The New York Times (Nov. 9):

A shaky cease-fire in eastern Ukraine looked ever more tenuous on Sunday as European monitors confirmed reports of unmarked military vehicles driving through rebel-held territory while Donetsk, the region’s biggest city, endured a nightlong artillery battle.

The monitoring group, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, said that long columns of unmarked military vehicles, some towing howitzers, were spotted over the weekend. The monitors did not speculate as to the origins of the trucks or the people inside them, but Ukrainian officials said the statements bolstered their claims that Russia was again arming and training separatists.

...On Sunday, after what journalists in Donetsk described as the heaviest night of artillery shelling in and around the city in at least a month, the O.S.C.E. observers saw two more unmarked military columns. The observers noted 17 trucks in each column, some equipped with Grad ground-to-ground rocket launchers and others towing more howitzers.

Comment: Notice the focus here on the unidentified military vehicles, but not a word about who would have been firing that heavy artillery barrage into rebel-held Donetsk. A real news organization -- as opposed to a propaganda organ -- would have asked that question and would have sought answers. Clearly the rebels weren’t bombarding their own capital city, but the Times didn’t mention that absurdity.

Does this look like something rebel fighters in east Ukraine would have done to their own 'stronghold' and capital of Donetsk?Does this look like something rebel fighters in east Ukraine would have done to their own 'stronghold' and capital of Donetsk?

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by lindorff

November 21, 2014

The GNU project

FSF Blogs: Back in stock: a ThinkPenguin router that respects your freedom


In September, we awarded use of the Respects Your Freedom (RYF) certification mark to the ThinkPenguin Wireless N-Broadband Router (TPE-NWIFIROUTER). But, within days of our press release, ThinkPenguin sold out of their inventory! However, today we are happy to announce that they have replenished their stocks (this time with a new case, but the same chipset and software).

This is the first home wifi router on the planet that you can go out and purchase that ships only with software that respects your freedom: libreCMC, a distribution of GNU/Linux recently endorsed by the FSF. This is awesome and you should replace your proprietary software-based wireless router at home with one of these! I've personally been using one at home for a few weeks now and I love it. I even made an unboxing video for you so you can see how simple it is to set-up:

TPE-NWIFIROUTER unboxing gif

(GIF not working? See my unboxing video.)

Or to quote artist, hacker, and GNU MediaGoblin maintainer, Chris Webber:

Prior to the ThinkPenguin router, I had no idea about any options for getting a 100% free software router. Seems exciting that someone has done all that work for me. Extra cost on top of that hardware... looks pretty cheap! Considering all the headaches I've gone through to find a phone that reasonably even comes close to respecting my freedom and then doesn't even really do so, hell, for someone doing the same for a router, thank goodness! I will be buying this as soon as we replace our router (probably soon!)

Excited that ThinkPenguin is doing this work! I hope more companies follow in said footsteps.

However, this isn't just an opportunity for individuals to be able to easily buy a 100% free software based router. It is also a big step forward for the free software community, because it gives us a platform that we can use to begin building a free software based network for communication, file sharing, social networking, and more.

This is the third product by ThinkPenguin to be awarded the use of the RYF certification mark. The first two were the TPE-N150USB Wireless N USB Adapter and the long-range TPE-N150USBL model. This combined with other products such as the LibreBoot X60 and the LulzBot 3D printer brings us one step closer to being able to recommend to users the ability to have control over all of the devices they rely upon in their day-to-day computing.

Learn more about the Respects Your Freedom hardware certification, including details on the certification of the TPE-NWIFIROUTER router as well as other RYF certified products at Hardware sellers interested in applying for certification can consult our certification criteria and should contact with any further questions.

Subscribe to the Free Software Supporter newsletter to receive announcements about future RYF products.

The Next Layer


I'm not sure what I think of this yet, but initially excited about the mash up potential of the two technologies.

Could it be used for reputation?

For responsible users of public networks (not hogging/spamming etc)

For reliable, friendly/non-censoring node runners?

Let me know your thoughts as I explore this ...

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Annamaria Monteverdi

L’arte della superficie: dal videomapping all’interaction design per il teatro

Mappando superfici Prima era la videoproiezione. Poi il digital mapping ha oscurato tutto il resto: architectural mapping, facade projection, 3D projection mapping, videoprojection mapping, display surfaces, architectural Vj set sono alcune delle definizioni usate per questi nuovi formati artistici. L’ambito è quello della cosiddetta augmented reality, una sovrapposizione di strutture materiali con un rivestimento virtuale che ne modifica la percezione visiva. Sulla base di questi […]

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The GNU project

librejs @ Savannah: GNU LibreJS 6.0.6 released

There's a new version of LibreJS - version 6.0.6.

Here's the changes since 6.0.5:
* When there is a contact email found on a site that contains
nonfree JavaScript, the email link now includes a default subject
and body when you click on it. These defaults are configurable in
the LibreJS add-on preferences.

* LibreJS now works in private browsing mode, and with Tor. When
using LibreJS and Tor at the same time, it's possible for the
website you're visiting to see that you're not running any nonfree
JavaScript it may contain. That would enable it to distinguish
you from many other Tor users, but it still won't know who you are.

* JS Web Labels links are now recognized with data-jslicense="1"
as well as rel="jslicense", in case you want the page to be
HTML5-valid. Savannah ticket #13366. Thanks to Marco Bresciani
for bringing this up.

* Fixed a bug on the whitelist page (Tools -> LibreJS) where
the "Reset whitelist to default" button wasn't working.

This project's website is here:

The source files are here:

And here's the executable you can install in your browser:


#Ayotzinapa - The terrorism of the State and the human rights of the victims. #Truth #Justice #Memory

#Ayotzinapa - The terrorism of the State and the human rights of the victims. #Truth #Justice #Memory

"*For State crimes, integral reparation is possible only if the truth about what happened has been publicly revealed, and if those responsible for the crimes have been penalized. It is possible only if there are warrantees that the violations will not happen again, that is, taking state measures in order to prevent the occurrence of such events.
The right to integral reparation can be fully satisfied only through the implementation of institutional mechanisms aiming to discard the structures that enabled the perpetration of terrible crimes, in order to prevent their repetition." -> [Comité Cerezo México](/u/fcc)

#humanrights #Mexico #violence #LatinAmerica #society #impunity

We have the right to know:

  • Who are those responsible and who the beneficiaries of the crimes are?
  • When, how, why and where happened the facts.
  • Where are now their relatives, in case of forced disappearances?
  • What has been done to investigate the facts and punish those responsible?

November 20, 2014

The GNU project

FSF Blogs: Friday Free Software Directory IRC meetup: November 21

Join the FSF and friends on Friday, November 21, from 2pm to 5pm EST (19:00 to 22:00 UTC) to help improve the Free Software Directory by adding new entries and updating existing ones. We will be on IRC in the #fsf channel on freenode.

Tens of thousands of people visit each month to discover free software. Each entry in the Directory contains a wealth of useful information, from basic category and descriptions, to providing detailed info about version control, IRC channels, documentation, and licensing info that has been carefully checked by FSF staff and trained volunteers.

While the Free Software Directory has been and continues to be a great resource to the world over the past decade, it has the potential of being a resource of even greater value. But it needs your help!

If you are eager to help and you can't wait or are simply unable to make it onto IRC on Friday, our participation guide will provide you with all the information you need to get started on helping the Directory today!

Annamaria Monteverdi

Simone Arcagni mi intervista per Techno news: videomapping e International Augmented Med

IAM: interattività, realtà aumentata e videomapping Intervista a Anna Maria Monteverdi di Simone Arcagni  Anna Maria Monteverdi è un nome noto per chi si occupa di teatro e performance e in particolare di technoteatro, video, videomapping e arte digitale. Docente, critica, curatrice, si interessa da sempre di luoghi di intersezione tra corpo, spazio e […]

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Belling Cat

Mazher Mahmood: Silence from Met, CPS and Attorney General as Lord Goldsmith Calls for Re-examination – Whilst Beckham Kidnap Lawyer Call for an Inquiry

Last week, BBC finally aired the long awaited Panorama exposure of Sun on Sunday reporter Mazher Mahmood after a two week battle between lawyers from both camps at the high court before the judge eventually ruling against Mahmood’s application for injunction to halt the programme.

What was most surprising of all was the somewhat bizarre intervention of the Attorney General of England and Wales, Jeremy Wright, asking the Corporation to “consider whether it is in the public interest for the BBC to broadcast” the expose – even though Mahmood has not been arrested – so contempt of court restrictions does not apply.

However, undeterred, BBC went ahead with the broadcast.

Panorama had interviewed a former Attorney General on camera – who’s had past dealings with Fake Sheikh cases.

Lord Goldsmith was the Attorney General between 2001 to 2007. So he was in office for two of the Fake Sheikh’s most humiliating “stings” that never quite lived up to the billing News of the World sold its readers.

One of them was even referred to him by a judge – the so called Victoria Beckham kidnap plot.

Unfortunately for The News of the World, in 2003, the charade of the kidnapp plot unravelled when Mahmood admitted in a police interview that he had paid entrapper turned prosecution witness Florim Gashi £10,000 for the story Gashi later claimed Mahmood encouraged to set up – including asking Gashi to provide a gun for the “gang”.

Though the defendants should have been immediately released, they remained on remand until the collapse of the case in June that year. CPS have never explained why.

Judge Simon Smith, in a hearing at Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court, said he was referring the newspaper to the Attorney General after defence lawyers claimed it had shown “complete contempt for the administration of justice”. The judge said: “I express concern. I am minded to refer the whole of this matter to the Attorney General to consider the temptations which money being offered in return for stories, in particular about celebrities, gives rise to and the way in which newspaper investigations may have a detrimental effect on ultimate court proceedings – or may indeed lead to something being placed before people in the way of an inducement.”

CPS Special Casework said:

We knew that this would be a difficult case to prosecute on the evidence we had but after initially reviewing it we decided that there was sufficient evidence to bring the case to court. However, as with any case, it has remained under continuous review. It is only in the last month that we have received detailed information about a News of the World investigation into Wandsworth parking attendants (previous Mahmood/Gashi “sting”) in which the same witness had been the informant and where there was some reason to doubt his truthfulness. This led to a review of the case and of the reliability of his evidence. After seeking counsel’s advice we decided that there was no longer a realistic prospect of conviction.

CPS Casework statement makes no mention of the £10,000 payment to Gashi that Mahmood had admitted in a police interview five months earlier in February, but the News of the World statement does:

The News of the World passed on that information – the fact that we had paid Mr Gashi £10,000 as an informant and about his background – to the police pre-February 14, which was the day that they announced that these men would be charged.

On the day that the News of the World published its “scoop”, Mahmood gave a statement to police in which he said that Gashi was involved in the investigation, but “without any mention of financial or other rewards”. He was not asked specifically about any payments he might have made. On February 4th, however, he gave a tape-recorded interview to police in which he was asked specifically about payments. He admitted that some time after the arrests he had paid Mr Gashi “about five grand for this story” and “maybe a couple of grand” for previous assistance.

Gashi in his statement to police two years later in 2005, told them Mahmood had tried to downplay the payments, which corroborates with Mahmood’s February 4th police interview:

I was paid £10,000 for the Beckham kidnap story. The amount was agreed with Maz (Mahmood) in advance at the beginning, provided we got enough evidence to publish the story. It was more than the other stories I had done because it was such a big story. I told police I hadn’t been paid. Later I was told by Maz that the police had discovered the £10,000. He wanted to downplay how much I had been paid. He told me I should pretend that only £5,000 was for the Beckham story and that there were two payments of £2,500 for the parking warden and forged document (another previous Mahmood/Gashi “sting”). Maz knew this was untrue as I had already been paid in cash for these stories. Maz also promised me a further £5,000 if the men (Beckham kidnap “gang”) are convicted.

So the question now is did Scotland Yard disclose to the CPS Special Casework unit that Mahmood had paid Gashi as Mahmood himself had told them after the interview in Febuary?

After being cleared, two of the five men sought compensation from the Home Office and News of the World and took legal advice claiming they were the innocent parties in a “set-up” by the newspaper. Disturbingly, they were kept detained and told by the Home Office they had overstayed their visa which had expired while they were in prison.

Serious questions need to be looked at here. Were the defendants being silenced by the Home Office, did it not take into consideration this only occurred because of time spent on remand by being “set-up”?

One of the five men did belatedly, win a libel case in 2007 against News of the World, but none have ever received compensation from the Home Office. Instead, they were issued with IM3s (notice of deportation) and deported to their countries of origin in Eastern Europe.

Meanwhile even more damaging for the CPS, Gashi’s statement goes on:

I continued to work with Maz until May this year (2005). For example, in March, I was behind a front page story of an 18 year old girl selling her baby. This was all a set-up that led to the baby being taken into care. The collapse of the (Beckham) kidnap trial did not stop Maz from using me. But from then on, he always tried to hide my involvement. I feel particularly guilty about two cases. One has resulted in a totally innocent man being sentenced to four years. Another is the girl whose child was taken into care.

The “totally innocent man” Gashi is referring to was Albanian security guard Besnik Qama whose conviction got quashed in 2010 as a direct result of Gashi’s statement.

This same statement also triggered Scotland Yard’s Operation Canopus – an investigation into Mazher Mahmood –  in October 2005. Mahmood was interviewed under caution and asked why he used someone like Gashi. He told the police he even had “bent coppers that are witnesses, who are informers.” It should be pointed out that Mahmood himself was a registered police informer. Why he never told police about the “bent coppers” or why the police failed to open an inquiry immediately after being told is still not clear.

Furthermore, Scotland Yard decided to close the investigation. On the basis that Gashi is not “convincing witness” and therefore “insufficient evidence.”

At this precise moment, Mahmood, News of the World, Scotland Yard and CPS were also working TOGETHER on a “sting” known as the ‘Red Mercury – Dirty Bomb’ plot which was another humiliation for both the Met and CPS as well as once again, News of the World as three men were acquitted after a case costing the taxpayer £1m – before the trial had even started.

In an further twist, Gashi had given Scotland Yard his statement WHILE Qama was STILL serving his sentence in prison. He served his full sentence.

Five years later despite Scotland Yard’s earlier claim Gashi not being a “convincing witness” and therefore “insufficient evidence” (against Mahmood), Qama appealed to overturn his conviction with the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) – an independent public body – using the very SAME Gashi evidence Scotland Yard had dismissed. The CCRC referred Qama’s case back to Southwark Crown Court [pursuant to section 14(4A) of the Criminal Appeal Act 1995] on the following basis:

There is real a possibility that, in the light of;

1) Fresh evidence the circumstances that Mr Qama came to commit these offences and the role of Mr Gashi, the journalist’s source, in those offences and/or

2) Material non-disclosure (prior to interview and the entering of a plea) [by the prosecution] of matters affecting the credibility of the key prosecution, the journalist Mazher Mahmood

The Crown Court will set aside the pleas of guilty and stay any further proceedings against Mr Qama as an abuse of the process

The court documents confirm CPS not only agreed with CCRC, but consented with Southwark Crown Court for Qama to “vacate his guilty plea”. Knowing all this, Metropolitan Police and CPS allowed Mahmood continue to operate as a private entrapper who brought cases to them for years after.

Also, if CPS and CCRC can agree on Qama’s quashing, this totally dismantles Scotland Yard’s claim of “insufficient evidence”.

On the subject of Mahmood’s claim that his evidence has secured over 100 convictions, Lord Goldsmith told Panorama: “The fact that someone who has been accused by a judge of apparently of not telling the truth may be instrumental in those convictions would certainly be a reason to look at those convictions again and to examine them to see whether they are safe.”

A week later, still silence from Metropolitan Police or CPS on Lord Goldsmith’s call for a full review of historical Mahmood cases going back decades.


In further developments, Bellingcat has been privy to letters that have been addressed to both Director or Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders and Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe as a result of Panorama’s broadcast.

The letters dated 17th November 2014 were sent from Siobhain Egan, who is a lawyer for one of the accused in the Beckham kidnap plot. In her letter to DPP Saunders, Egan demands a “full inquiry” into all historical Mahmood cases, and “I’m happy to provide detail upon request” (to CPS).

The other letter sent to Hogan-Howe, Egan asks:

“During the programme last week, Florim Gashi (one of the Crown’s main prosecution witness in the case) admitted that he made up those allegations. In fact I understand in the evidence he gave to the BBC he goes further than that, and that there is evidence of close relationships with members of the Metropolitan Police (some of whom are still serving officers), Mazher Mahmood and various newspapers then within the News International group.

I now understand that police began Operation Canopus, apparently into Mahmood and possible criminal charges. I was never asked by the police for any evidence or to assist with any way but would have certainly co-operated with that investigation. I’m requesting for a full inquiry into the prosecution of that case.”


1) Of the Met and CPS officers reviewing Mahmood’s cases, have any of them previously had anything whatsoever to do with bringing past Mahmood cases to court, whether it was a conviction, acquittal or collapsed case?

2) Bellingcat understands CPS casework is not that big a unit, and until government cuts, had a relatively low staff turnover, how many officers in that CPS unit that signed off Mahmood’s cases for prosecution?

3) Why did the Attorney General feel the need to intervene to discourage the BBC broadcasting Panorama when Mahmood had neither been arrested or charged with any criminal offence, therefore contempt of court restrictions do not apply?

4) As the Attorney General has intervened, will he now consider his predecessor Lord Goldsmith’s call for a review all of Mazher Mahmood’s past cases to be examined?

by Bellingcat

Museo dell'Informatica funzionante

(Italiano) Linux Day 2014, Dipartimento di Matematica dell’Universita’ di Catania

Parteciperemo entusiasti a questo splendido evento di promozione e divulgazione del Software Libero e della filosofia Free Software organizzato dal GNU/Linux User Group (GLUG) a Catania, giorno 21 NOVEMBRE 2014! Ecco il programma: – DevOps: Vagrant, Ansible, LXC e Jenkins – Retrogames: Raspberry PI + MAME – Blender: free but profitable? – Blender: alLEAPpiamoci al BGE – OpenHW: Arduino + OpenHW – Musica: C64 Music con il chip SID – Software: Scacchi e FOSS – MusicaL PureData per l’arte e l’educazione Noi presenteremo la nostra mini console di retrogaming, con cui e’ possibile giocare a videogames storici e divertirsi a non finire! ;)

by asbesto

The Next Layer

Valparaiso Mesh

Thanks Armin to give me an space here. My name is Ignacio Nieto and with some friends Mauricio Roman, Elektra and Daniel TIrado start to build a second version of the Valpo Mesh, a network re-build on the city of Valparaiso, up on the hills where were a fire burn part of the city on April 2014. Im curiuos with the idea of the network used on a neighborhood full of needs, starting from water. The rebuild of the network will be detail documented by texts and images and probably with a qualitive research will be done. The rebuild of the network start with the support of Espacio G, Segundo Encuentro de Cultural Digital done this time in the city of Valparaíso and the Goverment of Chile the Area of New Media of the Ministry of Culture of Chile.
As a first post I send you a Map that we are starting to build with the nodes.

by Valpomesh


#Ayotzinapa - El terrorismo de Estado y los derechos humanos de las víctimas - #Verdad #Justicia #Memoria

#Ayotzinapa - El terrorismo de Estado y los derechos humanos de las víctimas - #Verdad #Justicia #Memoria

"A pesar de que la tristeza nos invada, lo mejor que podemos hacer para recuperar la alegría de la vida, es organizarnos y continuar movilizándonos, no sólo por la justicia en el caso de los normalistas de Ayotzinapa, sino por la aparición de todos los detenidos desaparecidos, por justicia en el caso de los ejecutados extrajudiciales, por la libertad de todos los presos políticos del país y por transformar esta sociedad, en una donde todos los mexicanos construyamos las condiciones materiales necesarias para tener una vida digna." -> [Comité Cerezo México](/u/fcc)

#DDHH #Mexico #AmericaLatina #gobierno #sociedad #violencia #Guerrero #impunidad

tenemos derecho a saber:

  • ¿Quiénes fueron los responsables y beneficiarios del crimen?
  • ¿Cuándo, Cómo, Por qué y Dónde ocurrieron los hechos?
  • Dónde están sus familiares en los casos de desapariciones forzadas.
  • ¿Qué se ha hecho para investigar los hechos y sancionar a los responsables?

November 19, 2014


¿Cómo es la impunidad en #Mexico ?

¿Cómo es la impunidad en #Mexico ?

Aunque la prensa corporativa no habla del problema para crear la sensación de que no existen, las desapariciones forzadas y las ejecuciones extrajudiciales son una constante en practicamente todo el país.

  • Los casos de #Tlatlaya y #Ayotzinapa visibilizan a nivel internacional el terrorismo de estado

  • En #Coahulia al menos 1808 desaparecidos de 2000 a 2013

  • Es común la participación de militares y policías. La tortura es práctica constante.

  • En otros casos aunque no se ha comprobado la participación de fuerzas de seguridad, igualmente se trata de homicidios no resueltos ni investigados, sobre todo contra líderes sociales y activistas de derechos humanos.

#DDHH #AmericaLatina #violencia #gobierno #sociedad

The GNU project

FSF Events: Richard Stallman to speak in Dhaka, Bangladesh

This speech by Richard Stallman will be nontechnical, admission is gratis, and the public is encouraged to attend.

Please fill out our contact form, so that we can contact you about future events in and around Dhaka.

Speech topic, start time, and detailed location to be determined.

Belling Cat

The Audio and Visual Fund/Arts Council Norway and The Norwegian Film Institute Issue Statements on “Syrian Hero Boy”

Following the publication of the Open Letter to Lars Klevberg, The Norwegian Film Institute and Arts Council Norway, the Norwegian Film Institute has issued the following statement:

The Norwegian Film Institute strongly regret the impact Syrian Hero Boy may have for aid workers and journalists working in conflict areas.

The Norwegian Film Institute granted this film in October 2013. The film was valued as an artistic project, where fiction was embeded in an authentic framework. We advised the filmmakers they should announce the intention of the film shortly after it was launched, but unfortunately it took them too long before that information was published. The damage was done and the rest of the handling was unprofessional and reprehensible.

In the following we will evaluate our internal process and make sure that similar projects will be secured in a better way. This is important for the films and the filmmakers and it is important for us working at The Film Institute.

The Norwegian Film Institute will continue to grant projects that focus on important questions, and in that work will bring with us the experience we have now.

The Audio and Visual Fund/Arts Council Norway has released the following statement:

It is regrettable that film director Lars Klevberg did not announce sooner that the short film “Syrian Hero Boy” was in fact a publicity stunt, meant to generate a discussion about children in conflict zones.

– Lars Klevberg’s film received funding from The Audio and Visual Fund as it was considered artistically interesting and a project worthy of support with good artistic intentions. The main problem is that the filmmakers waited five days before revealing that the film was an art project with a specific goal and message, and not authentic footage from Syria. The result of this was that the means got in the way of the message, says the Chairman of The Audio and Visual Fund, Torbjørn Urfjell.
The project received 86 000 NOK in funding from The Audio and Visual Fund Film Committee in 2013.

See also the article (only in Norwegian) on The Audio and Visual Fund’s webpage:

The press release from the film-makers in response to the open letter can be found here.

by Bellingcat

The GNU project

FSF Events: Richard Stallman - "Copyright vs Comunidad" (Madrid, Spain)

El copyright fue desarrollado en los tiempos de la imprenta, y fue diseñado para adecuarse al sistema centralizado de copias impuesto por la imprenta en aquella época. Pero en la actualidad, el sistema de copyright se adapta mal a las redes informáticas, y solamente puede ser impuesto mediante severas medidas de fuerza.
Las corporaciones globales que se lucran con el copyright están presionando para imponer penalidades cada vez más injustas y para incrementar su poder en materia de copyright, restringiendo al mismo tiempo el acceso del público a la tecnología. Pero si lo que queremos realmente es honorar el único propósito legítimo del copyright --promover el progreso para beneficio del público-- entonces tendremos que realizar cambios en la dirección contraria.

Esa charla de Richard Stallman no será técnica y será abierta al público; todos están invitados a asistir.

Favor de rellenar este formulario, para que podamos contactarle acerca de eventos futuros en la región de Madrid.


Denuncia pública ...

Denuncia pública ante filmaciones ilegales de la autoridad contra las Asambleas estudiantiles de la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la UNAM en el contexto del caso #Ayotzinapa

Una grabación de una reunión oficial que sostuvo el Dr. Javier Torres Parés con las Brigadas Internacionales de Paz (Peace Brigades International) en sus oficinas, donde el tema es el acoso a la organización de derechos humanos Comité Cerezo México, en la cual participan alumnos de la UNAM.

November 18, 2014

This Cannot Be Happening!

NY Times Report Documents Metastasizing of the Police State of America

They’re everywhere!


The latest news on the burgeoning police state in the US -- a page-one investigative report in the New York Times disclosing that at least 40 agencies of the US government from the Department of Health and Human Services to the Supreme Court (!) are using undercover agents to spy on and even to entrap law-abiding American citizens -- suggests that we have passed the tipping point.

One can no longer speak in terms of the US as a country that is moving towards becoming a police state. We are living in a police state.

The Times reports that IRS personnel have been going undercover posing as accountants and even as physicians to root out tax fraud, that the Supreme Court has been dispatching some of its guards (all of whom have been trained in undercover work) “dressed down” in civilian clothes to mingle with protesters (notably abortion-rights activists) to spy on people simply exercising their First Amendment rights outside the court building, that the USDA sends out agents posing as Food Stamp recipients to try and entrap shop-owners to commit Food Stamp fraud, and that even NASA and the Smithsonian Institution have undercover operatives. Undercover cops and agents are assuming the identities of teachers, doctors, journalists and even priests.

This information has to be put together with the rampant militarization of local police forces, who have become an occupying army, and with the proliferation of spying activities by state and local police agencies, encouraged by the establishment by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security of myriad “Joint Anti-Terrorism Strike Forces, and of 76 so-called Fusion Centers. These latter are totally unregulated operations that meld the spying activities of state and local cops and the myriad three-lettered intelligence units of the federal government, as well as private corporate security units, with no specific agency assuming oversight responsibility.

I used to scoff at the wild-eyed claims made by people on the right and left who said that we were living in a police state. Having lived for a year and a half in China, where a police state has been operating now for 65 years, and having visited police states in Eastern Europe during the days of the Soviet Union, I have seen and experienced what life is like when the police, secret and overt, run rampant, and I knew the US was not like those places.

I’ve changed my mind, though. The only difference I see now, knowing what we know about the breadth and depth of police activity in the US, between what’s happening here and what happens in places where police states have long existed, is that in long-standing police states, everyone knows they are being watched and are subject to arbitrary arrest. while here in the US, many Americans remain blissfully ignorant of what has happened to their vaunted freedoms.

 Inside the Houston Fusion Center (l), and militarized cops confronting First Amendment protestersImages of Police State USA: Inside the Houston Fusion Center (l), and militarized cops confronting First Amendment protesters

read more

by lindorff

Belling Cat

Press Release from Filmmakers Regarding “Syrian Hero Boy”

Tuesday 18th of November

Press release

This is in response to the attention we have received regarding the fictional YouTube- video ”Syrian hero boy.”

Despite our humane and good intentions, we would like to sincerely apologize for releasing this film as real and the outcome since the film’s release.

As filmmakers we take the complete responsibility for the distribution of the film and the handling of the aftermath since its release.

We didn’t take into consideration some of the advice we received from the Norwegian Film Institute, and we realize that we should have informed about this film being fiction earlier. In the application for support from the Audio and Visual Fund from Arts Council Norway, we also state that we would reveal sooner than we did. We were overwhelmed by the attention the film received in such a short amount of time, on the web and media, and we needed time to strategize the best way to handle it. During this process, too much time passed, and we sincerely apologize for that.

We have an enormous respect for reporters and humanitarian organizations working in areas of conflict and it was never our intention to reduce their credibility as reliable sources of vital information. If this film could in any way contribute to doing so, we would like to apologize. We understand that verifying material from war zones is extremely difficult, and we apologize deeply if our film could make this even more difficult.

The media does a phenomenal effort in documenting and relaying information about war conflicts. Despite these efforts, we have felt, based entirely on our own experience, that the hopelessness may have created a resignation among people. We had hoped that a positive angle would engage people to act on behalf of children affected by war. It was always our plan to inform the viewers that the film was fiction, creating a reflection among people that a “miracle” shown in the movie was too good to be true.

As filmmakers we have taken advantage of available tools for staging and distributing the film, which is not new in the arts- or the media. However, media and PR work is not our field of expertise and we handled the media strategy poorly.

We have received positive support for our project. Film and method have been discussed, but we see that we have overlooked potential risks our film and distribution of it could cause. For this, we are deeply sorry. The film should have never been released in such a way. We apologize the negative backlash in releasing this film as authentic.

We tried to focus on children as victims of war, an issue we feel very strongly about. We had the best intentions at heart.

Director Lars Klevberg
Producers Petter Løkke, John E. Hagen

by Bellingcat

The GNU project

guix @ Savannah: GNU Guix 0.8 released

We are pleased to announce the next alpha release of GNU Guix, version 0.8.

The release comes both with a source tarball, which allows you to install it on top a running GNU/Linux system, and a USB installation image to install the standalone operating system.

The highlights for this release include:

See the original announcement for details.

About GNU Guix

GNU Guix is the functional package manager for the GNU system, and a distribution thereof.

In addition to standard package management features, Guix supports transactional upgrades and roll-backs, unprivileged package management, per-user profiles, and garbage collection. It also offers a declarative approach to operating system configuration management. Guix uses low-level mechanisms from the Nix package manager, with Guile Scheme programming interfaces.

At this stage the distribution can be used on an i686 or x86_64 machine. It is also possible to use Guix on top of an already installed GNU/Linux system, including on mips64el.

This Cannot Be Happening!

Obama on Net Neutrality: Principle or Politics?

When expediency calls for principles


The week before last, our President made a pronouncement on Net Neutrality that pleasantly surprised activists and won him favorable coverage in the newspapers: both rare outcomes these days.

In both timing and content, the short speech (aptly broadcast over the Internet) was stunning. The President hit all the major points of contention and controversy in what has become a searing debate over the Internet's future and his talking points mirrored all the arguments progressive Internet activists have been making. It was among Obama's most forward-looking speeches.

Obama Speaks on the Internet over the InternetObama Speaks on the Internet over the Internet

Not only did he land on the right side of issues like assuring full and equal access and speed for all users and content providers but he came out in favor of the demand that has now emerged as the focal point for the Net Neutrality campaign: applying Title II to all Internet providers. In layperson's language, that means treating all Internet companies like FCC-governed utilities. That's what they did with phone companies and that's why phone service is, today, "service neutral" and the change would lay the groundwork for Net Neutrality's protection.

While calling it a victory for the Net Neutrality movement, however, activists salted their celebrations with a bit of skepticism. This is the man, after all, who has turned the Internet into the largest surveillance network in history while forging one of the most aggressive interventionist and homicidal foreign policies in the country's history. The speech was great but will it make a difference? And does the President really care? The President is, above all, a master politician and so the question arises: was this speech less policy than politics?

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by alfredo

November 17, 2014

Defective by Design

Organize a Giving Guide Giveaway this December

In the flurry of holiday advertising that happens at the end of the
year, many people are swept into buying DRM-laden gifts that take more
than they give. Each holiday season the Free Software Foundation
-- which runs Defective By Design -- releases a Giving Guide to make
it easy for you to choose tech gifts that are DRM-free and respect
recipients' rights as computer users. We'll be launching 2014's guide
on Black Friday (November 28, 2014), full of gifts that are
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similar to 2013's Giving Guide, but more extensive and spruced up
with a new design. It'll even have discounts on some of our favorite
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This guide is an easy-to-use resource that can make a difference in
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Giveaways are public meet-ups where free software users gather to hand
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We've created this primer to get you started organizing a
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Check out the primer on, and organize your Giveaway!

If you're in the Boston-area, you are welcome to come to the Giveaway
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by Zak Rogoff

Belling Cat

Although the Disbelievers Dislike It – The Hidden Message

On November 16, 2014, the Islamic State killed yet another American citizen, aid-worker Abdulrahman (Peter) Kassig. The video didn’t follow the usual pattern at all. In former videos of the beheading of Western hostages, the victim was dressed in an orange jump suit (referring to the clothing in Guantanamo Bay) and was forced to read out a short statement before being beheaded. This video was entirely different in all aspects.


The video opens with a map of the Islamic State, zooming out to the newly “achieved” territories, playing audio fragments of the several pledges of allegiance from Yemen, the Sinai, Libya and Algeria. The map zooms out further and shows us the IS worldview and aspirations. IS firmly believes that after the conquest of the entire Middle East, they will conquer Rome and al-Andalus (the historical name for the Iberian peninsula). After the re-establishment of the  borders of the historical Calpihate; they will turn east and eventually conquer China and Japan. The end-phase will be the conquest of the Americas, referred to as al-Maghrib, the West.

An important section of the video is dedicated to an historical overview of the rise of what we now know as the Islamic State. While in the background the Nasheed Ummaty Qad Laha Fajrun resounds and video stills from the last decade pass by, the narrator names all of the Islamic States principal leader. Starting with Abu Muhammad az-Zarqawi, stressing the pledge of allegiance to Usama bin Laden, all previous names and leaders pass the review. The pledge of allegiance to al-Qaeda seems to be mentioned to stress the point that the Islamic State is a legitimate Jihadist organization.

A short interlude stresses the sectarian element in the Islamic States ideology; the current state of Baghdad as a place of Shi’a Islam is lamented. The narrator stresses the intolerable situation as follows: Now Baghdad sees the blackness rise over it day after day and one must not remain in a land in which Abu Bakr and ‘Umar are insulted. (Abu Bakr and ‘Umar were the first of the Rashidun, the four Caliphs who succeeded the Prophet Muhammad). As images from Salil as-Sawarim 4, ‘ala Manhaj an-Nubuwwa, Tabqa airbase and even Abu Waheeb, killing the Shi’a truck drivers in the desert, pass by, the tone for the video is set.


Enter the most important section of the video; about 18 Syrian officers and pilots (claimed to be kept captive since the fall of Tabqa airbase), all dressed in dark blue jumpsuits, are being led by uniformed, bare-faced fighters of the Islamic State to their execution ground. The convoy is led by a masked, black-clothed man. The man, often referred to as ‘Jihadi John’, since the first beheading videos of American and British citizens, passes by a wooden box and takes out a survival knife. The men behind him follows the lead. All captives are forced to kneel down while their executioners stand behind them.


Then ‘Jihadi John’ addresses the viewer: To Obama, the dog of Rome, today we are slaughtering the soldiers of Bashar and tomorrow we’ll be slaughtering your soldiers. And with Allah’s permission  we will break this final and last crusade. And the Islamic State will soon, like your puppet David Cameron said, will begin to slaughter your people in your streets. Then he shouts out bismillah, the soldiers are pushed down to the ground and simultaneously beheaded. For the first time in these official beheading videos the actual process of beheading is filmed in the smallest details. What is remarkable about the executioners is that every single one of them is of a different nationality / ethnicity. When the camera zooms in on a stream of blood, the IS spokesman al-‘Adnani is quoted: Know that we have armies in Iraq and as-Sham of hungry lions whose drink is blood and play is carnage. It has been pointed out that a Belgian, French, British and Australian were amongst the executioners. It is presumed that also an Uzbek and Malaysian fighter were involved. It’s not the identity of these fighters that matters; what IS wants to point out is that the group is multi-national; that their Caliphate makes no difference in nationality nor ethnicity.   

After imagery and audio fragments of the last oaths of allegiance a short fragment of al-Baghdadi’s last audio-message is broadcasted, ‘Jihadi John’ picks in again. One would have expected a statement by Kassig as in the previous videos but instead the video takes a strange turn. ‘Jihadi John’ addresses his audience from the town of Dabiq in North-Western Syria, where according to some Hadith the last crusade will be fought. His words are another invitation to open and full scale war from the Islamic State to ‘the West’.

[This is Peter Kassig], the first Crusader to be buried in Dabiq. He doesn’t have much to say, his previous cellmates have already spoken on his behalve.

We say to you Obama, as our Shaykh al-‘Adnani said: ‘You claim to have withdrawn from Iraq. Four years ago we said to you that you were liars. That you had not withdrawn, that you would return, even after some time, you would return. Here you are, you have not withdrawn, rather you hid some of your forces behind your proxies. Your forces will return …, greater in number than ever before. And we remind you of the words of our Shaykh Abu Mus’ab az-Zarqawi: ‘the spark has been lit here in Iraq and its heat will continue to intensify, by Allah’s permission, until it burns the Crusader army in Dabiq. We are waiting for the remainder of your armies to arrive.

by Pieter Van Ostaeyen

Annamaria Monteverdi

Gospodin di Giorgio Barberio Corsetti: la tragi-comica lotta al capitalismo nel XXI secolo

di Vincenzo Sansone ROMA – In anteprima nazionale il Roma Europa Festival ha ospitato presso il Teatro Eliseo la nuova regia di Giorgio Barberio Corsetti, “Gospodin”. La drammaturgia è di Philipp Löhle, giovane autore tedesco, vincitore di diversi premi. In scena tre attori: Claudio Santamaria, che interpreta il ruolo di Gospodin, Valentina Picello e Marcello […]

by annamaria monteverdi

Diffraction#1: in paradise artists can fly:progetto di teatro musicale di Gabriele Marangoni e Jeton Neziraj

In fisica la diffrazione è un fenomeno associato alla deviazione della traiettoria di propagazione delle onde quando incontrano un ostacolo sul loro cammino. È tipica di ogni genere di onda, come il suono, le onde radio, la luce. Cosa unisce la diffrazione e il contesto del Kosovo, il teatro, la musica? Il compositore e musicista Gabriele Marangoni legato alla musica contemporanea, da […]

by annamaria monteverdi

Belling Cat

An Open Letter to Lars Klevberg, The Norwegian Film Institute and Arts Council Norway

We the undersigned express our condemnation at the deceptive nature of the film directed by Lars Klevberg and funded by the Norwegian Film Institute and Arts Council Norway about Syria. It is reckless and irresponsible to distribute a fictional film as real footage thus belittling the very real suffering of Syria’s children and the very serious work by professional and citizen journalists inside Syria.

Syrian children have been the target of snipers, barrel bombs and massive atrocities for over three years, much of which has been documented, painstakingly, by citizen journalists and journalists alike in the most dangerous and dire of circumstances.  This film undermines the work and the people who continue to document crimes against humanity. Rather than engage in thoughtful debate using existing evidence, of which there is plenty, the film calls to question, both ethically and professionally the work being done to document these crimes inside Syria.

The way in which this film was presented to the public was intentionally misleading.  In such a conflict, deciphering the real from the fake is a difficult task and many activists, journalists and analysts spend countless hours sifting through videos in order to provide accurate information to the public. The intentionally misleading nature in which it was disseminated added to rather than detracted from the misinformation in Syria.

This film will feed in to attempts to cast doubts on real stories coming out of Syria by citizen journalists and professional journalists alike. It proves the filmmakers, and those who have funded it, have little understanding of the complexities of the conflict and have no regard for the risk people take upon themselves to document the ongoing violence and conflict.

In a conflict as vicious and open-ended as the one in Syria, there are real stories of heroism daily by the people who bear witness to the suffering of the people. Many have paid dearly with their lives.

Rather than shed light on a generation lost, the film has instead endangered lives, placed the burden of proof on those suffering rather than on those who cause the suffering, and belittled the very courageous spirit in which people work in conflict zones.



Abigail Haworth, Foreign correspondent

Alejandro Marti, Analyst Spain

Alexander Buehler, reporter for Spiegel, Die Zeit, NZZ

Alice Martins, photojournalist, Istanbul

Alicia Arce, Freelance Producer/Director

Almigdad Mojalli, Journalist/Translator/Fixer, Yemen

Ammar Abd Rabbo, French Syrian Photographer/Journalist

Anna Therese Day, Independent Journalist

Andreja Restek, apr news, journalist, photo reporter

Andy Carvin, First Look Media

Annia Ciezadio, author and freelance journalist

Ariana Drehsler, photojournalist

Arikia Millikan, Journalist, USA

Assaad Al Achi

Aurore Belot, photojournalist, Belgium

Bassam al-Ahmad, Human Rights Defender

Bertrand Lescher-Nuland, Department Manager, Peace Research Institute Oslo, Norway

Carsten Stormer, Journalist, Manila

Cengiz Yar Jr, Photographer, Chicago, USA

Charles Windsor, Syrian Journalist

Chris Doyle, Director CAABU

Christian Holmboe Ruge, Oslo, Norway

Christina Rizk, Documentary photojournalist

Clare Morgana Gillis, Print Journalist, Cairo

Cristiano Tinazzi, freelance journalist, Italy

Crystal Schick, Photojournalist, Canada

Daniel DeFraia, freelance journalist, PhD student at Boston University

Daniel Rothenberg, Arizona State University

Daniel Van Mall, photojournalist

Daan Westra, Writer

Darius Bazargan, Producer BBC

Davood Mousavi, Freelance Photographer

Deborah Scranton, Oscar shortlisted (The War Tapes) & Peabody award-winning (Earth Made of Glass) Documentary Filmmaker

Donatella Della Ratta, Researcher Specialized on Syria, University of Copenhagen

Edith Bouvier, freelance journalist

Eliot Higgins, Founder, Bellingcat

Eskil Engdal, DN, Norway

Eva Plesner, freelance journalist based in Cairo, Egypt

Fadi Hallisso

Fakhri Al Haj Bakkar

Frank Smyth, Global Journalist Security

Fred Abrahams
Gavin John, photojournalist, Canada

Gert Van Langendonck, NRC Handelsblad, The Christian Science Monitor, Cairo

Ghassan Nader

Giovanni Ulleri, Emmy nominated Freelance Producer/Director

Hammam Youssef, Architect, Writer and Political activist

Hampus Andersson, Photojournalist, Sweden

Hania Mourtada, Freelance Journalist

Hannah Lucinda Smith, journalist, Istanbul

Hiba Dlewati, Freelance Journalist

Hozan Ibrahim

Iona Craig, Freelance Journalist, Yemen

Iyad Kallas

Jacob Hoigilt, Middle East Researcher, Oslo, Norway

Jan Axelsson, Documentary Filmmaker, News Correspondent, Sweden

Jehan Bseiso

Jenny Nordberg, Columnist & Correspondent, Svenska Dagbladet

Jess Hill, Journalist, Sydney

Johan Fredriksson, International Correspondent TV4, Sweden

John Beck, journalist, Istanbul

John Horgan, Director, Center for Terrorism and Security Studies, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, USA

Jonathan Krohn, Print Journalist, Erbil

Josh Shahryar, Journalist

KC Wildmoon, Editor, Storyful

Khaled Kazziha, Video Journalist Middle East and Africa

Kiran Nazish, Independent Journalist

Kenan Rahmani

Krisztina Satori, journalist

Lauren Bohn, Foreign Policy Columnist

Lauren Wolfe, Foreign Policy Columnist

Lena Odgaard, freelance journalist, Denmark

Leyland Cecco, Journalist, Canada

Lina Sergie, writer

Lise Balk King, Documentary Filmmaker, Former Fellow, Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, Harvard Kennedy School (2011-2014)

Mais Atassi

Maral Mirshahi, Research Assistant, Peace Research Institute, Oslo Norway

Maria Fuglevaag Warsinka-Varsi, Documentalist, Norway

Mary Rizzo, Editor, We Write What We Like and Levantine Rights

Massoud Akko, Journalist, Norway

Mayada Al-Khalil, activist

Maysun, photojournalist

Michael Weiss, Foreign Policy and Now Lebanon columnist

Michelle Woodward, Photo Editor, Beirut

Mikaela Matar, Journalist, Sweden

Mohamad Al Bardan, Syrian Nonviolence Movement

Mohammed Haj Agha, President, Syrian Revolutionary Martyrs, Writer/Critic

Molly Crabapple, artist and journalist

Naomi Ramirez Diaz, PhD Candidate at Autonoma University, Madrid

Nathalie Besér, foreign reporter Swedish News Agency TT

Neal Jackson, Former Chief Ethics Officer, NPR and Independent photojournalist and educator

Nicholas Marsh, Research Fellow, Peace Research Institute Oslo, Norway

Nisreen Alzaraee, Research Analyst

Olav Brostrup Müller, Journalist, Norway

Olly Lambert, Freelance filmmaker

Orjan Ellingvag

Oz Katetji, Journalist

Patrick O. Strickland, Freelance Journalist, Texas, USA

Paul Refsdal, Documentary Filmmaker, Norway

Phil Behan, Photojournalist, China

Phil Cox, Freelance Filmmaker

Pinar Tank, Senior Researcher PRIO

Reem Al-Assil, Syrian activist

Rebecca Murray, freelance journalist

Rey Byhre, Photojournalist, Kinshasa

Richard Hall, journalist, Beirut Lebanon

Rick Findler, Photojournalist, London

Rime Allaf, Syrian writer

Robin Morgan

Rossalyn Warren, Journalist, Buzzfeed

Ruth Michaelson, freelance journalist

Sabrina Hersi Issa, Human Rights Technologist

Safa Sankari, Syrian-American

Sasha Crow, Founder, Collateral Repair Project, Amman, Jordan

Sean Lee, Doctoral Candidate Northwestern University

Sergi Cabeza, journalist

Shelly Kittleson, freelance journalist

Sian O’Hara, freelance journalist, Beirut Lebanon

Sima Abedrabboh

Sima Diab, humanitarian, freelance photojournalist

Soraya Chemaly, Writer/Activist

Sulome Anderson, journalist

Susanna Inkinen, Finland/Denmark

Taha Bali

Teun Voeten, Freelance Photographer and Author, PhD candidate Leiden University

Thomas Rossi Rassloff, Freelance Photographer Germany

Tjeerd Kleign, RTL News, Holland

Tom Trewinnar, Checkdesk and Meedan

Vegard Tenold Aase, journalist, Norway

Veronica Pugh-Ramadan, Human Rights Activist

Victor Breiner, Photographer

Wisam Elhamoui, Activist Freedom Days

Zack Baddorf, freelance reporter

Dr. Zaher Sahloul, President Syrian American Medical Society

Zein Nachar

by Bellingcat

This Cannot Be Happening!

Is Lame Duck Obama Ready to Fight?

The Last Two Rounds

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena … who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly.
          -President Theodore Roosevelt, speech, Paris, France, 1910, a year after leaving the White House
Many on the left gave up on Barack Obama years ago; or else they were convinced from the beginning he was just another stooge for the nation’s corporate and military elite. His blackness was just an electoral novelty, not unlike the novelty of a Bush father and two-son dynasty or a Clinton marriage dynasty. The right, of course, has been effectively disabling Obama since the beginning, an effort that has now achieved some level of gloating satisfaction with the mid-term rout of Democrats.

Fox News and the leaders of the Republican Party assumed the rout was a silver stake through the president’s heart, leaving him no choice but to kowtow to their triumphant leadership.

 Is he finally ready to fight for the left?President Barack Obama: Is he finally ready to fight for the left?

But not so fast. Is it possible Barack Obama is so pissed off by this smug notion of having been driven to the mat that he’s now ready in the last two rounds to get up and fight?

There are indications: Immediately after the midterm election, he announced a secret deal with the powerful President Xi of China on carbon emissions. It relies on the good faith of both nations to adhere to the promises agreed to, but it establishes a cooperative process between two potentially hostile powers instead of letting the matter fester while rattling sabers. It’s long view thinking reliant on science instead of the usual quarterly-focused crisis-managing. It’s a crack of light suggesting there might be a future without doom and gloom and war without end. The deal seems to recognize US decline as a reality to be adjusted to. Obama followed it up with an announcement of a $3 billion injection of funds to the developing world to encourage them to join the US/China effort.

Next, President Obama made it clear he’s going to use his power of prosecutorial discretion to extend a friendly hand to some five million illegal immigrants mostly from Latin America. Times center-right columnist Ross Douthat suggests this is “creeping caudillismo” on a scale unprecedented in American political history.

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by grant

November 16, 2014

Annamaria Monteverdi

Intervista a Anna Monteverdi su La distruzione della Torre Eiffel di Neziraj

» ricerca nella sezionecosmotaxi » ricerca   home » cosmotaxi Questa sezione ospita soltanto notizie d’avvenimenti e produzioni che piacciono a me. Troppo lunga, impegnativa, certamente lacunosa e discutibile sarebbe la dichiarazione dei principii che presiedono alle scelte redazionali, sono uno scansafatiche e vi rinuncio. Di sicuro non troveranno posto qui i poeti lineari, i pittori figurativi, il […]

by annamaria monteverdi